An appropriate insurance is very important while doing an internship abroad, since there is no insurance connected with the Erasmus+ Programme.

The following insurances are necessary for your internship abroad:

  • Health insurance coverage

    Usually basic coverage is provided by the national health insurance of the intern as well during his/her stay in another EU country through the European Health Insurance Card. However, the coverage of the European Health Insurance Card or private insurance may not be sufficient, especially in case of repatriation and specific medical intervention. In that case, a complementary private insurance might be useful.
  • Liability insurance coverage (covering damages caused by the student at the workplace)

    A liability insurance covers damages caused by the intern during his/her stay abroad (independently whether he/she is at work or not). Varying arrangements with respect to liability insurance are in place in different countries engaged in transnational learning mobility for placements. Interns therefore run the risk of not being covered. Therefore it is the responsibility of the intern to check that there is liability insurance covering in a mandatory way at least damages causes by the intern at the work place. If not made compulsory by the national regulation of the host country, this might not be imposed on the host organisation. In this case the liability insurance has to be taken out by the intern. Private liability insurance insure only against liabilty damages in private area, not against damages at the working place.
  • Accident insurance coverage related to the intern's tasks (covering at least damages caused to the intern at the workplace):

    This insurance covers damages to employees resulting from accidents at work. In many countries employees are covered against such accidents at work. However, the extent to which transnational interns are covered within the same insurance may vary across the countries engaged in transnational learning mobility programmes. It is the responsibility of the intern to check that insurance against accidents at work has been organised. If the host organisation does not provide such a coverage (which cannot be imposed if not made compulsory by the national regulation of the host country), the home institution shall ensure that the intern is covered by such insurance. In this case the accident insurance has to be taken out by the intern. Private accident insurance insure only against accidents in private area, not against accidents at the working place.

You have the possibilty to get a combined health, accident and liability insurance with the DAAD Group Insurance. Students please refer to tariff 720 (32,00 €/month - see leaflet), graduates to tariff 726 (64,00 €/month). The DAAD group insurance includes all necessary insurance coverage for a stay abroad with the Erasmus+ programme.

This insurance contract is only valid for the duration of your sponsorship by the LEONARDO office. Any extensions in an insurance for a stay abroad have to be organised yourself.

Important! Don't terminate your german legal health insurance contract.

You have to prove adequate insurance coverage to the LEONARDO office before beginning your internship with the Declaration of Insurance Coverage. (Download forms for students here, forms for graduates at this page)

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