Current Research

The BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg has a wealth of successful international and national research projects. Some selected projects are presented here as examples.

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On the right track

Researchers from the Leibniz Institute on Aging in Jena and the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg have discovered a novel treatment approach for children soft tissue tumors.

5G for improved healthcare

How can the new mobile communications standard 5G improve healthcare in hospitals? To find out, a 5G campus network will be set up on the grounds of the Carl Thiem Hospital in Cottbus starting in...

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Tracking dementia

Gabrie Meletti from Brazil was the first graduate to complete a Cotutelle doctorate at BTU. Here he explains what his doctorate is about.

Familial influence on health

The BTU project Smart Cargo Station uses the benefits of passenger transport for goods transport

With physiotherapy and app against arthrosis

Scientists are researching how effective a digitally accompanied training and education program can be compared to a classic therapy and how such a program can be implemented.

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The future of water rescue

AI Rescue project in the "Lausitz Health Model Region

Gasse in Baumstreifen

Millet, thyme and rock pears

Lusatian agriculture is being made fit for the future with new, old crops and an agroforestry-based circular economy.

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BTU know-how in space

With a unique experiment in weightlessness, the team of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Egbers wants to investigate the effects of global warming on air and ocean currents.

Rohrleitung spült schmutziges Wasser in den Fluß

Research for clean Waters

The BTU and P.U.S. are developing an innovative plant for the efficient treatment of water containing iron hydroxide

Ein menschliche Kopf geht in Zahlen und Formeln über. Kognitive Systeme sollen ähnlich wie das Gehirn Informationen aufnehmen, verarbeiten und darauf reagieren.

Teaching Machines to Think

The BTU Research Cluster for Cognitive Systems was formed in 2015. Eight professors from the fields of Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and the Philosophy of Technology are...

Mikroskopaufnahme Hippocampus

The physiology of aging

Research on age-related tissue and organ functions for optimised treatments

Die Cottbuser Rohrströmungsanlage, "Cottbus Large Pipe Test Facility" kurz CoLa-Pipe, ist eines von vier deutschlandweiten Referenzexperimenten im neuen Schwerpunktprogramm.

Turbulence and Superstructures

BTU is part of a new priority program by the German Research Association DFG

Mit Hilfe der im Fachgebiet vorhandenen Software können die Forscher die Fabrik der M+R Filtermedien GmbH und den Produktionsprozess optimal planen und deren Abläufe simulieren.

Versatile Factories stay Competitive

A project in the Faculty for Factory Planning and Operation is developing strategies for the competitiveness of enterprises in the Lausitz region

Rapid and economic refurbishing technology in Road Construction

Resin fibre composites are part of an innovative technology for refurbishing concrete sump shafts

Biogas from Organic Waste and Biomass

A BMBF project to produce biogas from organic waste and biomass in Mexico through an innovative co-fermentation process