Early Study

In addition to the pure study orientation, the BTU offers particularly interested students the opportunity to take up so-called "early studies". While still at school, students have access to regular university events (lectures, courses, seminars), can acquire certificates of achievement and performance verification that will be recognized in later studies. In this way, the performance of particularly gifted students is evaluated to the same extent as that of enrolled students. This intellectual challenge for high-performing students allows gifted students to be encouraged early on and to develop individual aptitudes. Early studies also serve to find the most suitable subject and facilitate the later transition to regular studies.


Students can independently select courses from all subject areas from the online course catalogue in the BTU's information portal for teaching (here you can also find the day, time and room). Please note that courses from the first or second semester are usually selected first and that the lectures usually include exercises/seminars that consolidate the teaching content. The Student Guidance and Counselling (T +49 (0) 355 ∙ 69 27 96) provides assistance in selecting suitable courses.

Number of participants - currently not limited


  • No fees are charged for participation in the seminars. 
  • Travel expenses can be partially reimbursed on request.

Conditions of participation

Interested students must meet the following requirements:

  • good academic performance; the ability to work independently
  • Agreement of the headmaster
  • Agreement of the faculty/department involved

At the request of the student (with the consent of the parents in the case of underage students), the headmaster decides whether the student can take part in the early study program, if necessary taking into account the recommendation of the subject teacher. It must be expected that the student will be able to cope with additional requirements in addition to the subjects taught at school. The corresponding headmaster/lecturer at the BTU must agree to participation in the course/module with his or her signature on the application for early study before the start of each semester. Students can only be released from teaching for the attendance of courses if they regularly prove that the subjects of the lessons in which they do not participate are independently made up for. If performance assessments are carried out at school, attendance is compulsory. If students are released from teaching for the duration of the courses at the BTU, they must attend the named
Participation must be approved by the school in any case, as attending the university event is considered a school event, so the students are insured accordingly.

Registration/ procedure

  1. The first point of contact at the university is the Student Guidance and Counselling (T +49 (0) 355 ∙ 69 27 96; studium(at)b-tu.de), where interested parties can obtain general information, the application for admission as a auditing student - early studies, help with the online course catalogue and the contact addresses of the module supervisors.
  2. The application must include the headmaster's permission to participate in the university's seminars and the permission of the BTU's head of chair/lecturer.
  3. If both approvals are available, the application for admission is submitted to the Student Guidance and Counselling or the Student Secretariat at least one week before the start of the early study courses, and the student will then immediately receive the admission to the early study course, which entitles him/her to participate in the agreed seminars.
  4. After successfully attending the seminars and passing the performance test, the student secretariat will issue the corresponding certificates.

registering for the following semester

Admission to early study is initially granted for one semester, but if the student wishes to continue early study in the following semester, the above-mentioned permissions are again obtained on a new application and submitted to the student guidance and counselling or the Student Secretariat.

Support for early students

Tutors and other contact persons will be available for the students in every relevant department of the university to provide technical support, explain the subject matter and contribute to the consolidation of the subject matter with exercises.