Further funding opportunities

Funding for all study programmes

Claussen-Simon-Stiftung: B-First
  • First-time graduates of all disciplines who are starting a bachelor's or state examination program at a German university.
  • Maximum 2nd semester at the time of application

Application deadline: July 17 - August 11, 2024

More information:Claussen-Simon-Stiftung - B-First

Simon Claussen-Stiftung: Master Plus
  • Students of all disciplines who are starting their Master's studies at a university in Germany after having successfully completed their  Bachelor's studies.
  • have not yet started their Master's program at the time of application
  •  not older than 35 years

Application deadline:
winter semester 2024/25: June 10 to July 7, 2024

More information: Claussen-Simon-Stiftung - Master Plus

Dr. Arthur Pfungst-Stiftung
  • Students at a state university in Germany (Bachelor's, Master's and Staatsexamens degree programs in all disciplines).
  • Students who, at the time of application, can already present their first proof of academic achievement from their studies
  • Students who have at least one year of study left within the standard period of study.

Application deadline: 
winter semester: August 29, 2024

More information:Dr. Arthur Pfungst-Stiftung

Dr. Jost Henkel Stiftung
  • Open to students of all disciplines
  • Business and natural sciences are preferred

Application deadline: anytime, but must have at least 6 months remaining Application should be received approximately 3 months prior to the desired period of support.

More information: Dr. Jost Henkel Stiftung

Kölner Gymnasial- und Stiftungsfond
  • Students at universities with state-recognized degrees
  • Students with financing gaps between the cost of education and their available personal funds and/or other funding

Application Deadline:

    February 1 - March 1
    August 1 - September 1

More information: Kölner Gymnasial- und Stiftungsfond

Kreuzberger-Kinderstiftung: IKAROS Rückenwind Stipendium
  • students enrolled at Berlin/Brandenburg universities up to the fourth semester
  • especially welcome are graduates of the second educational path and students from classic "working-class families".

The scholarship does not replace state benefits. It is granted if BAföG payments or training salary are not sufficient to successfully complete a course of study or further education.

More information: Kreuzberger-Kinderstiftung - IKAROS Rückenwind Stipendium

Annegret & Hans-Richard Meininghaus Stiftung
  • young people, adolescents and young adults who cannot finance their education themselves or whose families do not have the necessary means to successfully complete the education they are aiming for
  • People with voluntary commitment to society

Application deadline: at any time, the foundation's board of directors decides on the funding application at regular intervals

More information:Annegret & Hans-Richard Meininghaus Stiftung

Peek & Cloppenburg: Young Leadership of Tomorrow

The scholarship program is open to all students aged 20 and over. The only condition is that they must have their main place of residence in Germany and provide a valid proof of study.

We are looking for concrete ideas and strategies that aim to create a working world in which young leadership positions are the rule and not the exception. Particular emphasis is placed on sustainable and feasible corporate strategies, inclusion measures, proposals for optimizing management processes and approaches for further training and mentoring.

5 scholarships in the amount of € 2,500 each from WS 2024/25

Application deadline

September 30, 2024

  • Documents by e-mail to Leadership-Scholarship@fashionid.de
  • The concept should be at least 400 words long
  •  Length of two A4 pages must not be exceeded
  •  Alternatively, a PowerPoint presentation with a maximum of three slides

More information:
Young Leadership of Tomorrow

Reemtsma Begabtenförderungswerk
  • Students at German universities (from the 1st semester, all disciplines).
  •  Funding is only possible until the beginning of the 30th year of life

Application deadline:

    for the summer semester: December 1 - January 31
    for the winter semester: June 1 - July 31

More information: Reemtsma Begabtenförderungswerk

SBB Aufstiegsstipendium
  • Committed professionals with vocational training and practical experience with a first academic university degree
  • Application possible before graduation or in the first or second semester of studies
  • Work experience of at least two years

Application deadline:
three-stage procedure
Selection procedure 2024/II
March 26, 2024 - June 10, 2024
Selection procedure 2025/I
September 17, 2024 - December 2, 2024

More information: SBB - Aufstiegsstipendium

Solidaris Gmbh: Dialog-Stipendium
  • Students who bring the idealism and enthusiasm to counteract the loneliness of many elderly people in our society through their visits to social institutions.

Application deadline:
summer semester: April 15, 2024
winter semester: October 15, 2024

More information: Solidaris Gmbh - Dialog-Stipendium

Spenersche Stiftung

Any person whose income does not exceed twice the Hartz IV rate.

Application deadline:

    Summer semester: March 15
    Winter semester: September 15

More information: Spenersche Stiftung

Funding for special study programmes

  • Students who do not have a prior academic record or need on financial aid
  • Majors: Paper and packaging technology, other engineering sciences
  • Students who, irrespective of their field of study, particularly stand out due to their life path or commitment
  • Students in bachelor's degree programs; only in exceptional cases are master's degree programs supported

Application deadline:

    January 5
    June 1

More information: Barthel-Stiftung

Bayer Foundation: Kurt Hansen Scholarship

Student teachers, trainee teachers, didactics/education students (Bachelor's, Master's and doctorate) with a focus on STEM subjects

  •    Applicants must be studying or working in Germany
  •     The scholarship is limited to one time and a maximum of €10,000.
  •     Bayer Foundation scholarships can be combined with any other scholarships and funding programs.
  •     The maximum time frame for internships and research projects is six months.
  •     The maximum time frame for other activities is one year
  •     Scholarships should start between July 22, 2024 and June 30, 2025

The Kurt Hansen Scholarship can be used for the following activities:

  •     Internships (in Germany or abroad)
  •     Research projects in STEM education (in Germany or abroad)
  •     Further and advanced training, summer schools, research courses etc. related to STEM education (in Germany or abroad) -
  •     Courses in scientific communication, citizen science or similar (in Germany or abroad)

Application phase: February 12 - April 8, 2024 (online)

More information:

Brandenburg-Stipendium Landlehrerinnen und Landlehrer

Ministerium für Bildung, Jugend und Sport (MBJS)

Funding from the 5th semester at the earliest until the end of the standard period of study

Monthly grant in the amount of 600 euros

Application deadline:
Summer semester 2024
February 15, 2024 (20 scholarships)

More information:

Brandenburg-Stipendium Landlehrerinnen und Landlehrer

B. Braun Stiftung
  • Pharmacists
  • Physicians (especially clinicians)
  • Nurses
  • Nursing scientists
  • Hospital managers
  • Students and trainees of all health care professions for further education and training

Application deadline:

    April 30
    October 31
More information: B. Braun Stiftung

Bundeswehr: Stipendium für technische Studiengänge
  • for a subsequent career in technical service
  • First-year students and students with above-average performance at universities.

In particular - but not exclusively - the following fields of study are supported:

  • Computer Science
  • Cyber security
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Information technology, especially with a focus on communications engineering, high-frequency engineering or communications technology
  • Electrical engineering

Application deadline: 

More information: Bundeswehr - Stipendium für technische Studiengänge

Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich-Stiftung
  • Electrical engineering, logistics, mechanical engineering as well as STEM

Application deadline:

    April 30
    October 31

More information: Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich-Stiftung

e.fellows.net: IT-Stipendium
  • Students of (business) informatics and other STEM courses with an IT connection who are enrolled at a university

Application deadline:
for funding from June to November:May 12, 2024

More information: : e.fellows.net - IT-Stipendium

e.fellows.net: WiWi-Stipendium
  • for e-fellows only
  • Students of economics who are enrolled at a university in the summer semester 2024.

Application deadline: May 12, 2024

More information: e.fellows.net: WiWi-Stipendium

Franz und Maria Kießling-Stiftung
  • Architecture students

Application deadline: only in the months of February and August

More information: Franz und Maria Kießling-Stiftung

  • Study at a university (Bachelor or Master)
  • Appealing performance in STEM school subjects (electrical engineering and information technology, computer science, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and business informatics)
  • At least three semesters until the regular end of studies

Application deadline: June 1 - Sept. 30 for funding to begin in the following year

More information: HEIDENHAIN-Stipendium

IT Talents Gmbh: IT-Stipendium
  • IT scholarship especially for pupils, students or young professionals in the IT sector.

Application deadline: scholarships are usually awarded every month

More information:  IT Talents Gmbh: IT-Stipendium

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erich Müller-Stiftung
  • Students of mechanical and electrical engineering at (technical) universities in the master's program
  • Bachelor's degree with grade 2.5 and better

Application deadline: end of March

More information: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erich Müller Foundation

  • Students of engineering, economics or STEM subjects
  • At least in the 3rd semester of the Bachelor's program or in the Master's program

Application deadline: 
winter semester 2024/2025 and summer semester 2025:
September 1 - 30, 2024

More information: Rheinstahl-Stiftung

  • Students enrolled in a full-time business-oriented master's degree program
  • Bachelor's degree was also obtained at a university in a German-speaking country

Application deadline: 

More information: Schmalenbach-Stiftung

WiWi Talents (non-material sponsorship)

non financial support for students of economics and related disciplines

  • Business Sciences
  • Economy
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Business Administration and Engineering
  • Business Law
  • Business informatics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Related courses of study (business psychology, etc.)

Application deadline: May 15, 2024
More information: WiWi Talents

Funding for selected target groups

MTU Stiftung: Frauen MINT

Female students of scientific and technical disciplines, e.g.

  •     Aerospace engineering
  •     Mechanical engineering
  •     Industrial engineering
  •     Electrical engineering
  •     Computer science
  •     Mathematics or
  •     Physics

Application deadline:
March 15, 2024

More information: MTU Stiftung - Frauen MINT  

Nicolaidis YoungWings Stipendium: Bildungsstipendium
  • Half-orphans and orphans
  • at the age of 17-27 years
  • with German citizenship

Application deadline: 

More information: Nicolaidis YoungWings Stipendium - Bildungsstipendium