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Introduction & Welcome

"All of life is school," said Comenius, the best-known early educational thinker in the 17th century.

It was already known in antiquity that people have to keep learning throughout their lives in order to master new challenges. Each person's biography and life cycle require constant learning. From childhood and adolescence, through young adulthood, starting a family and the phases of old age, we humans are constantly confronted with new, as yet unknown challenges.

"Lifelong learning" means the personal openness of each person to engage with changing conditions in the living environment and to remain curious and active at any age. Whether we pursue personal interests and passions or professional ambitions, lifelong learning can help us achieve personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

What the portal wants

"Lifelong learning" is understood as all learning at all stages of life. It honors the natural human drive to explore, learn and encourages to improve our quality of life and self-worth.

In our region, there are numerous educational opportunities for the younger and older generations - from publicly funded adult and continuing education to special learning and meeting places.