Business Law for Technology Companies
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Master of Business Law (M.B.L.)


In the professional field of technology legal knowledge is absolutely indispensable. Whether copyright, public procurement law, business law or data protection, the activities of a technology company mean that on an almost daily basis management is faced with highly complex legal questions and often the fate oft he entire company depends on their ability to cope with them. The special knowledge that this requires is usually only taught superficially in conventional economics and engineering courses. Even in legal studies these areas of the law are only briefly treated. The study programme in Business Law for Technology Companies aims to close this gap. The teaching staff is made up of BTU teachers as well as well-known practitioners, mostly from the judicial and legal professions.

Professional Fields of Activity

Roles of responsibility in technology companies in the areas of product development, quality management, sales, administration, controlling, contracts, financial and tax law, risk management, marketing

Applications and Admissions

Admissions Requirements

at least a Bachelor 's degree or higher degree in the field of economics, engineering or law at least one year of relevant professional activity

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