Study Programmes

Applied Applied
Research-oriented Research-oriented
International International
Dual study-work programme Dual

Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

Architecture B.Sc. Research-oriented
Architecture M.Sc. Research-oriented
Civil Engineering B.Sc. Research-orientedDual work-study programmes
Civil Engineering M.Sc. Research-oriented
Climate-adapted Construction and Operation M.Sc. Research-oriented
Heritage Conservation and Site Management M.A. Research-orientedInternational
Heritage Studies Ph.D. Research-orientedInternational
Urban Design - Revitalization of Historic City Districts M.Sc. Research-orientedInternational
Urban development and Urban Planning B.Sc. Research-oriented
Urban Planning M.Sc. Research-oriented
World Heritage Studies M.A. Research-orientedInternational

Economy, Law and Society

Business Administration B.A. AppliedDual work-study programmes
Business Administration B.Sc. Research-oriented
Business Administration M.Sc. Research-oriented
Business Law for Technology Companies M.B.L. Research-oriented
Culture and Technology B.A. Research-oriented
Culture and Technology M.A. Research-oriented

Environmental and Natural Sciences

Biotechnology B.Sc. Applied
Biotechnology M.Sc. AppliedInternational
Environmental and Resource Management B.Sc. Research-orientedInternational
Environmental and Resource Management M.Sc. Research-orientedInternational
Environmental and Resource Management Ph.D. Research-orientedInternational
Environmental Engineering B.Sc. Research-oriented
Environmental Engineering M.Sc. Research-oriented
Euro Hydroinformatics and Water Management M.Sc. Research-orientedInternational
Forensic Sciences and Engineering M.Sc. Research-oriented
Land Use and Water Management B.Sc. Research-oriented
Land Use and Water Management M.Sc. Research-oriented
Materials Chemistry B.Sc. Research-oriented
Materials Chemistry M.Sc. Research-oriented
Process Technology - Process and Plant Technology M.Sc. Research-oriented

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Energy Systems

Business Administration and Engineering B.Eng. AppliedDual work-study programmes
Business Administration and Engineering B.Sc. Research-oriented
Business Administration and Engineering M.Eng. Applied
Business Administration and Engineering M.Sc. Research-oriented
Electrical Engineering B.Eng. AppliedDual work-study programmes
Electrical Engineering B.Sc. Research-oriented
Electrical Engineering M.Eng. Applied
Electrical Engineering M.Sc. Research-oriented
Mechanical Engineering B.Eng. AppliedDual work-study programmes
Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. Research-oriented
Mechanical Engineering M.Eng. Applied
Mechanical Engineering M.Sc. Research-oriented
Power Engineering M.Sc. Research-orientedInternational
Processing Technologies of Materials M.Sc. Research-oriented
Transfers-Fluids-Materials in Aeronautical and Space Applications M.Sc. Research-orientedInternational

MINT - Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Information Technology

Applied Mathematics M.Sc. Research-oriented
Computer Science B.Sc. Research-oriented
Computer Science M.Sc. Research-oriented
Cyber Security M.Sc. Research-orientedInternational
Dependable Systems Ph.D. Research-orientedInternational
eBusiness B.Sc. Research-oriented
eBusiness M.Sc. Research-oriented
Economathematics B.Sc. Research-oriented
Information and Media Technology B.Sc. Research-oriented
Information and Media Technology M.Sc. Research-oriented
Mathematics B.Sc. Research-oriented
Medical Informatics B.Sc. Research-oriented
Physics B.Sc. Research-oriented
Physics M.Sc. Research-oriented

Social Work, Health and Music

Instrumental and Vocal Performance and Teaching B.A. Applied
Nursing Science B.Sc. AppliedDual work-study programmes
Social Work B.A. Applied
Social Work M.A. Applied
Therapy Science B.Sc. AppliedDual work-study programmes
Vocational Education in Healthcare Professions M.A. Research-oriented


Academic profile of a study programme

Degree obtained

Form of studies

Subject group

Start of studies

Admissions Procedure

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