Scientific memberships

Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea)

Member of the Koldewey Society, Association for Research in Architectural History

Member of the European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH)

Member of the Association Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum e. V. (DHd)

Member of the working group Digital Reconstructions of the DHd

Member of the Working Group Digital Art History (AKDK)

Member of the Working Group on Architectural Informatics (AKAI)

Member of the Brandenburg Center for Media Studies (ZEM)

Partner in the Interdisciplinary Research Network Digital Humanities in Berlin (ifDHb)

Member of the Cultural Heritage Centre of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg (CHC)

Member of the DFG Excellence Cluster TOPOI 2, "The Formation and Transformation of Space and Knowledge in Ancient Civilizations" of the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments (DFG) together with, among others, Humboldt University (HU) and Free University (FU) Berlin, Foundation of Prussian Cultural Heritage (SPK), Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW), German Archaeological Institute (DAI), 2012-2017.

Member of the Berlin Sculpture Network, partners Freie Universität Berlin (FU), German Archaeological Institute (DAI), Berlin State Museums (SMB), Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB), funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), 2009-2012.