University life at the BTU

The time you spend at university is one of the nicest times of your life. However, studying and everyday student life can also be very strenuous at times. For a good balance to this as well as as recreational enjoyment, the BTU and the towns of Cottbus and Senftenberg and surrounding area offer many varied opportunities. What's more, both university towns are also very popular amongst students due to the very reasonable cost of living here.

Culture and leisure

Cottbus and Senftenberg offer many cultural highlights. Whether theatre, film, music or art - there is something for everyone. The recreational possibilities of the town and surrounding area are also diverse and offer a wide choice particularly for sports enthusiasts. Students can also enjoy a great party and club scene here. 

Campus life

The atmosphere at the university is familiar and vibrant. The BTU offers many opportunities for students who like to get involved in clubs and activities and there are many student groups which represent cultural, political or technological interests. And, if the university doesn't already offer the group you are looking for, you can simply start this yourself!

Living costs

Cottbus and Senftenberg are very popular amongst students due to the very reasonable cost of living here. Students can choose between living in student accommodation/halls of residence, shared flat or their own flat - there is something affordable for everyone and this, in turn, leaves more scope for your free-time and personal wishes.

BTU highlights

The BTU is a young university which upholds its tradition and celebrates its highlights – whether at the BTU Ball in January, at its birthday in July or the end of year concert in December.