Universal Approaches in Local Circumstances: A Series of Discussions on the Policy-Practice Gaps in Urban Conservation

Online series of workshops in November/December 2021

Today, urban conservation scholarship calls for case studies that problematise universal conservation principles in local planning circumstances, particularly in countries from which modern conservation has not originated. In this series of workshops, we discuss singularities of urban conservation and the protection of historic urban areas with local experts who have been directly involved in processes of putting conservation policy documents into practice. We discuss how the planned goals of conservation projects are influenced by unplanned factors such as war, economic and political instability, inter-organizational conflicts, and natural hazards.

The discussed cases are areas in cities with non-western cultural backgrounds that are geographically and culturally interconnected. By discussing urban conservation issues in Ankara, Baghdad, Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Chabahar, Herat, and Mumbai, we aim to reflect on the functionality of mainstream conservation approaches in local conditions.

The speakers share their insight into obstacles of realising the international conservation models under rapidly changing natural and socio-political conditions. The workshops' moderators are outstanding young academics who have a deep understanding of the discussed issues and have co-planned the sessions with the speakers.

This series of events is cooperatively organized by the Chair Urban Management and the DFG Training Group 1913 “Cultural and Technological Significance of Historic Buildings” in the framework of the DFG project “Assembling Iran's Urban Heritage Conservation Policy and Practice: Problematised in Tehran”.
Conceptual and Academic Coordination:
Solmaz Yadollahi, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral fellow at the Chair of Urban Management and the DFG Training Group 1913, BTU)
Coordination and Moderation of the Sessions:
Dr. Azadeh Arjomand Kermani (Department of Cultural Geography, University of Wageningen)
Dr. Fawzia Asadi (Department of Architecture, University of Baghdad)
Bahareh Azhadari M.A., PhD candidate (Department of Architectural and Urban Heritage Conservation, University of Tehran)
Shraddha Bhatawadekar M.A., PhD candidate (DFG Research Training Group 1913, BTU)
Farnaz Faraji M.A., PhD candidate (Heriland (ITN) Marie-Curie program, Newcastle University and University of Tehran)
Farnaz Mohseni M.A., PhD candidate (Heritage Studies, BTU)
Hadi Naderi M.A., PhD candidate (School of Architecture, University of Tehran)
Dr. Marvin Ravan (The Institute of Spatial and Regional Planning, University of Stuttgart)
Nilgün Rengin Sazak M.A., PhD candidate (DFG Research Training Group 1913, BTU)
Reza Sharifi M.A., PhD candidate (Heritage Studies, BTU)
Dr. Solmaz Yadollahi (BTU)


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