Ecological driving fun in any weather

BTU academic Michael Pohl became enthusiastic about cycling at an early age. His start-up idea "Vemobi" was awarded third place and 1,500 euros in prize money in the Lausitzer Existenzgründer Wettbewerbe (LEX) 2022.

The founding idea "Vemobi" stands for the development of a velomobile that combines the advantages of an e-bike with the comfort of a passenger car. In the front the Vemobi has two wheels, in the back one. The rider is surrounded by a protective shell with an electrically retractable dome. The vehicle has a storage space. Optionally, a child seat can also be installed. Thus, the Vemobi allows up to two passengers to enjoy ecological driving in any weather. Michael Pohl and his team are currently creating the first prototype from the 3D model.

The winners of the Lausitzer Existenzgründer Wettbewerb (LEX) 2022 were honored at Dock³ in Spreetal on September 8. The Lusatian Economic Initiative awarded three prizes for the "Best Business Concept".

The first prize and 5,000 euros was awarded to a game processing company & game trade Ralf Buder from Schenkendöbern for a customized production line in which regional game meat is processed into high-class game specialties. The marketing takes place in the direct selling to trade customers, in the weekly factory sale, over the stationary trade and the mobile trade on weekly markets and fairs.

The second prize of 2,500 euros was awarded to Morty's Mysteries from Görlitz for cooperative mystery games in which a group solves a fictitious murder case. Each person takes on a role with their own biography and secrets and exposes the person within the group who committed the murder. The games are playable via any internet-enabled device from anywhere via click & play and without prior knowledge.

Award Winner 2022, Michael Pohl (l.)
3D model of the vehicle