Cooperation offers

Knowledge-oriented basic research as well as problem-defined application research at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg form the basis for a broad knowledge and technology transfer into society. The focus of activities is on cooperation with industry on the basis of professionally designed research and business cooperations. BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg cultivates a culture of cooperation characterized by clearly defined principles. The Technology and Innovation Department of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg offers the following services to companies and scientists:

  • Determination of the problem / task
  • Search for suitable partners in science or industry
  • Definition of the goals and contents of the cooperation
  • Description of the project process
  • Expenditure-related calculation of the costs
  • Joint examination of funding opportunities
  • Application for grants for R&D cooperations
  • Creation of the contractual basis
  • Moderation, monitoring of project progress
  • Project controlling
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Presentation of project results

Contacts between business and science have been cultivated for many years. Cooperation with industry is a core task in addition to teaching, research, studies and continuing education. For example, students can be involved in concrete, practice-relevant projects at an early stage. In addition, companies have the opportunity to get to know future graduates at an early stage through various internship offers and project work topics. For personnel transfer, there is close cooperation with the university's Career Service.

Please contact us! The Technology and Innovation Department in Cottbus and Senftenberg not only supports companies in the development of new products and the improvement and optimization of processes and services, it is also the contact for expert opinions and laboratory analyses.

How do I find the right contact person? If you are looking for a contact person within the university for a business task, would like to employ graduates or offer an internship - then you can contact the Technology and Innovation Department of the university. We take up your request and arrange the appropriate contact. In addition, we support you in establishing contact with the scientists of the university departments and organize initial meetings to discuss the details. We would also be happy to visit you at your company.

How does the project initiation work? For a concrete project, time is needed to discuss and plan all the details. In an initial meeting at the university or company, the project idea is therefore first analyzed in terms of its implementation possibilities and resources. This involves answering questions such as:

  • Can the topic be solved within the framework of student work?
  • Is the technical equipment available in the laboratory?
  • Is a laboratory available?
  • What specialist skills are required?
  • Are intellectual property rights to be considered?
  • What support options are available?

The Technology and Innovation Department can provide support for project initiations, e.g. by coordinating deadlines, preparing draft contracts or clarifying financing issues.

How are cooperation projects financed? The project costs are calculated for each project and the company receives an offer. The Brandenburg Innovation Voucher (BIG) funding program is particularly interesting as an introduction to project work. This voucher is a simple instrument for market analyses and research work of a smaller scope. Brandenburg SMEs can be supported in employing highly qualified junior staff through the Brandenburg Innovation Experts funding program. This includes scholarships for final theses as part of a university degree program, student traineeships and employment of new graduates to be hired by SMEs as innovation assistants.