Best Dissertation / Habilitation of the BTU


Sponsor:Friends of the BTU Cottbus
Awarding institution:BTU Cottbus
Endowment:1 .000 €
Target groupExcellent young scientists of the BTU who have finished their doctoral studies
Former laureate:2018
Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Amherd Hidalgo
"Robustness of Powder Metallurgical Ti-6AI-7Nb and Ti-6AI-7Nb-xFe Alloys against Oxygen and Carbon Pick-up"
Deadline for application:21.11.2019
(Applications to the jury please hand in to the dean)
Contact person:Referee for Research: Ms Katrin Noack
Tel.: 0355 693317
Fax: 0355 695502
E-Mail: katrin.noack(at)