510151 Un/disciplining Knowledge | WiSe 23/24

The Course 'Un/disciplining Knowledge' is taking place this semester on the Projects Platform of the BTU. This course will take place between 26.02.2024 - 01.03.2024.- New Information published on 13.11.2023

New Update 13.11.2023: The course will be taught by Dr. Lora Koycheva, she will be available for questions and further information from the beginning of December.

To take part in the course visit the link: https://www.b-tu.de/elearning/projekte/course/view.php?id=1086 and log in with your usual BTU account details

!! Frist Meeting has been moved!! This course will take place between 26.02.2024 - 01.03.2024. !!
Course Summary

Contemporary society and global governance were and still are significantly shaped by modern projects of disciplining knowledge. The disciplining of knowledge shaped sciences and technologies. However, recent crises have led to significant transformations of the organisation of science, technology and epistemic practices and of the relations between science, politics and the economy. Intersecting with this kind of un/disciplining of knowledge, the imaginary of knowledge as a monolithic object has been questioned increasingly. Concepts and institutional structures have been developed to practice other modes of knowing in transdisciplinary or interdisciplinary projects and to focus more on scientific practices and experimental settings. All of this results in analysing and acknowledging knowledge in the plural – knowledges.

This course traces the transformation of knowledges exemplarily in sustainability studies, animal studies, as well as in museum & heritage studies. These fields are analysed to introduce and discuss critical theories and issues of empirical knowledges, un/disciplining and their intersections with science, technology and society.