The chair for Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality existed between 1994 and of 2012 within the Faculty for Environmental Sciences and Process Engineering. After Prof. Möller’s retirement and of 2012, the chair has been transferred into a working group (headed furthermore by Prof. Möller), associated to the Vice President for research.

The research and teaching issues comprised the physico-chemical behaviour of air pollutants. Later (after 2005) additional research topics have been included, e.g. water treatment by advanced oxidation technologies and studies on sustainable carbon economy (project SONNE). In past, the Chair activities included field measurements (more than 30 collaborative campaigns in Europe), long-term monitoring of precipitation chemistry (station Seehausen 1995-2002, established already in 1982) and cloud chemistry (Mt. Brocken 1992-2010), modelling of rain and cloud chemistry, LIDAR sounding of trace species, exhaust gas measurements in coal-fired power station and other topics.

As a result of the long-term research (started in 1974) in air chemistry by Prof. Möller and his staff, three monographs did appear,  "Luft" (2003), "Chemistry of the Climate System" (September 2014, 2nd fully revised and extended edition) (Flyer) and "Chemistry for Environmental Scientists" (September 2015) (Flyer), all published by De Gruyter, Berlin.