Further training offers

The scientific continuing education of the ZWW comprises offers that serve to maintain, deepen or supplement scientific qualifications, professional development and interest-related continuing education. It mediates between scientific knowledge and professional practice and, in addition to its internal impact, has a strong focus on the economic and social environment of the university. In this way, it contributes to the networking of the university with the region, but also beyond, on an economic, social and cultural level.

Support of the BTU chairs

The Centre for Continuing Education is the central point of contact for the development and realization of university, professional and cultural continuing education and

  • sets impulses for innovations
  • strengthens the economic region of Lusatia through knowledge and practice transfer from the BTU to the region and back again
  • funds synergies between traditional and extra-occupational or continuing education courses of study
  • improves the institutional framework for lifelong learning by opening the BTU to new target groups
  • Supports the transfer of scientific findings into practice and back again

Supports, among other things

  • the development of offerings for academic continuing education based on the BTU research profile in dialogue with the business community
  • conception, administration and program management, such as means of order and formalities, calculation and financial processing
  • didactic implementation, e.g. the implementation of new, also digitally supported teaching and learning scenarios
  • curricular planning for professionals/experienced professionals
  • in statutory procedures for further education studies
  • the coordination of different partners, cooperation and networking with stakeholders
  • organization and implementation with technical support
  • research and development projects

organization, in particular

  • marketing of the offer and thus stronger visibility of the respective field
  • the management of participation
  • issuance of continuing education degrees by the ZWW
  • of further education consulting
  • of demand analyses
  • evaluation and further development of the programs
Further training offers

For all areas of the BTU, the ZWW is the central point of contact for the development, conceptual, calculative or organizational implementation of continuing education events and thus ties in with the research topics of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg in terms of content. This enables the center to offer a wide variety of academic, professional and cultural continuing education courses for all adults. These include:

  • the Open University to support lifelong learning for all people interested in education with
    - the structured guest lecture program "WISSEN FÜR ALLE",
    - the lecture series OpenBTU,
    - the SeniorenUniversität and
    - the Seniorenakademie as fixed components of the intergenerational campus of the BTU
  • Tailored qualification offerings for companies and institutions
  • Continuing education programsfor specialists and executives, such as postgraduate study programmes, university certificate courses and programmes or specialist seminars and training courses
  • Continuing education programs for employees of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg as part of the BTU's human resources development with approximately 50 planned offerings and over 400 participants per semester
Further education formats and possible degrees

Based on the framework regulations in the area of continuing academic education at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and following the DGWF recommendations on formats of continuing academic education, the following degrees are offered in continuing academic education at BTU:

Study programmes providing further educationMaster: M.Sc. and M.B.L.90 credits
CertificateCertificate according to the study regulations "Artistic Education".120 credits
Diploma of Advanced StudiesDiploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)at least 24 credits
Certificate of Advanced StudiesCertificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)min. 10 credits
Microcredential (MC)
Continuing education course with examination
Certificate as qualified confirmation of participation for qualifications with proof of achievement1 - 9 credits
Continuing education course with examinationCertificate as qualified confirmation of participation for qualifications with proof of performancenone
Continuing education course without performance verification Certificate of attendance as proof of attendance of the continuing education course or of individual program modules without an assessment of performance