Admission Requirements and Procedures

Application Period for Winter Semester 2020/21
  • for applicants with a foreign Master Entrance Qualification who require a visa:
    Application is closed!
    (via uni-Assist – you may switch to English in uni-Assist by using the "Sprache" menu in the right upper corner)
  • for applicants with a foreign Master Entrance Qualification who don't require a visa:
    February 19, 2020 to August 15, 2020
    (via uni-Assist – you may switch to English in uni-Assist by using the "Sprache" menu in the right upper corner)
  • for applicants with a German Master Entrance Qualification:
    probably April 15 to August 31, 2020
    (via myBTU)
Subject-specific Requirements for Cyber Security
  • Basic prerequisite for admission to the master's programme Cyber Security is a first qualifying degree (at least bachelor's degree) or a qualification equivalent degree in a programme closely related to computer sciences.
  • In particular, a bachelor's degree in computer science, cyber security, or mathematics with subsidiary computer science qualifies. Adequate content of the degree is available if the theoretical, practical, applied, and technical computer science and mathematics education is comparable to the bachelor's degree course in computer science at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.
  • The Examination Board of Cyber Security at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg will decide whether an applicant’s degree is sufficient. If the board is unsure about the equivalence, they may decide that a student must complete additional preliminary modules.
  • Applicants need a certificate of proficiency in English as described in this handout.
Application Documents
  • fully completed and signed online application form (either BTU's Online Application Portal or uni-assist),
  • a simple copy of a document proving the completion of a bachelor's or higher level degree including a transcripts of records/list of subjects taken (if the original is not in English or German, then you need a notarized translation to English or German from a sworn translator | if you do not yet have a final diploma, you may also submit preliminary documents),
    • for applicants in their last bachelor's semester: you will need at least a document (including the already recorded grades) of your university, that you will finalise your studies before the start of our master's programme,
  • a simple copy of the higher education entrance qualification (a notarised translation to English or German from a sworn translator is required if the original is not in English or German),
  • a concise up-to-date curriculum vitae with details about your educational history, practical experience (if applicable), research interests, etc.,
  • a thesis or equivalent publication, project report etc. will be an advantage for your application (if the thesis/publication/report is not in English or German, you have to submit the paper(s) in the original language and to add a meaningful summary in English or German),
  • proof of English language skills (described in the handout, we do not accept "medium of instruction certificates" and any kind of expired tests, only valid certificates are recognized),
  • a simple copy of passport/official personal identification,
  • a simple copy of a valid residence permit for Germany, if available,
  • APS (Akademische Prüfstelle/Academic Verification Office) certificate for Chinese, Vietnamese and Mongolian applicants.

German language skills are not required for the application.

Changing Universities within Germany

For changing universities within Germany you will additionally need a certificate of removal from the register of students (submit at the latest upon enrolment) and certificate of non-objection (proof of right to take examinations). Further information you may find here.

After Your Application via Uni-Assist

As soon as Uni-Assist has approved your application, it will be forwarded to the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. Uni-assist will let you know when this has been done. Please note that we do not provide you with a further message in order to confirm this. However, you can be sure that we have received your application.

Once your application has been forwarded from Uni-Assist to our university, we will submit it to the examination board of your desired study program. The assessment of your application will take some time, so please be patient whilst this is in progress. We estimate that we will start to send out official answers no earlier than mid of July.

We would like to make you aware that we expect to have sent out all admission letters by the end of August. If you haven’t received an answer by then, you will most likely not receive an admission letter. We will send the official rejection letters later on.

Please note that we receive a high volume of status requests in regards to your chosen degree program. It is therefore not possible to provide you with a more detailed response. We kindly ask you for your understanding.

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