FSR alone in Poznan


Day 1:

We write March 7th, 2014. It is a warm winter day, actually already spring, the entire FSR is on the way to Poznan. The entire FSR? No, one member puts up bitter resistance. So, with a heavy heart, the community had to start the long journey to the partner university in Poznan around 1300 without him.

1640 The main station in Poznan is reached and it is shocked to discover that there are too many beautiful women here. The tour guide was unfortunately a bit late, but then appears after a short waiting time and shows the ignorant about the most important things. A short time later, the many food stalls at the main train station are causing a sensory overload and El Presidente has found a new home.

1820 We come to the hostel safe and sound.

1835 Finanzer says literally: "Can I become a WiFi password, too?", With which he caused the first good laugh of the evening.

1840 It is decided to explore the area and enjoy the architecture of the old market. It is found, however, that the department store next door looks like a space shuttle. The modern architecture of the shopping centers visited below is also worth seeing.

1919 Stev: "Adventure Wilderness - Today in Poznan."

1932 The community doesn't find the Altmarkt as exciting as expected, but still has a lot of fun.

1945 El Presidente found a back-up shop for his feeding temple at the main train station, which is open until 5 a.m.

1950 Alcohol haunts us. And that despite the fact that we promised not to drink any. We are still holding up.

1955 The Financier, Stev and the Chosen One discuss how a revolving door can guide the most people through. Until Stev asks: "Are we trying to be realistic?"

2004 Poznan curiosities part 1: In a shopping center, El Presidente notices that no matter which floor you are on, you always come out at ground level. How does it work? Theory one: Gandalf was there. If you have other good theories, please send them to us. We are easily confused.

2010 Alcohol becomes more stubborn. The chosen one has to be pushed past a shop by El Presidente, because he really wants to look for mead.

2011 El Presidente complains more and more that he finally wants to have food and Stev is now getting on board.

2102 A shop was found where the community can buy food. There is pizza.

2120 The city guide is said goodbye and they meet again tomorrow.

2135 The community will enjoy the long evening with pizza, FC Energie and Skat.

2212 The "enjoy" is officially deleted.

2220 The community says goodbye in the evening and wishes all readers a good night. Until tomorrow.

0000 Poznan curiosities part 2: The community sits together for a round of Doppelkopf and drinks ............. water.

0045 We decide to explore the city again.

0100 architectural masterpieces are admired.

0115 The KGB is following us, cameras everywhere.

0130 women with pink umbrellas speak to us. What do they want?

0145 El Presidente is looking for the opening times of a 24-hour shop and is surprised he can't find them.

0210 The community goes to sleep and ends the first day.

Day 2:

0930 GOOD MORNING VIET ..... POZNAN !!!! The community is now completely awake. * Will the community manage to stay away from the holy drink today or will they not be able to withstand the pressure ??? Whatever happens, where do you find out first ???? Right, here with us and only with us. *

1200 Stev, Financier and the Chosen One did the shopping. Order from the city guide is carried out. * You notice the withdrawal, while shopping high-quality topics were discussed. *

1222 The community is waiting again for the city guide and El Presidente complains again that he wants to eat.

1225 The city guide arrives and shows the community the Politechnika campus.

Then our heroes set out to explore the physics campus.

1318 Campus has been reached and causes an overkill of rubbish bins.

1325 The community and the city guide set out to take a closer look at the ski slope and summer toboggan run.

1400 Lake Malta is viewed. The city guide explains that it was designed for boat races, among other things, and has something to offer joggers and cyclists as well as families.

1415 You have reached your destination. After briefly admiring the slopes and the lift, the children decide to test the lift for speed and safety.

1500 FINALLY EAT !!!! Despite the found eating stamp, El Presidente finds something to complain about. * But you can't please him either. * * The chosen one was the first to buy himself out of the slavery of the city guide and enjoys the newly won freedom. *

1635 A disagreement leads to the separation of our heroes. El Presidente and the Chosen One set out on their own to experience new, dangerous, yet fun adventures.

1657 Poznan curiosity part 3: One of the heroes cannot resist the alcohol and consumes it sadly. The journey has now lost its meaning and it is decided to break up camp tomorrow and go to Cottbus.

1704 Fate brings our heroes together again and the discrepancy was also resolved.

1705 The city guide's sacred halls are examined.

1730 It is agreed to relax a little and now to have the desired discussions about the double bachelor's degree. The chosen one disengages because he is lost in his own world ..... He is playing PS 3.

2120 Stress: The cantor at the main station closes in 40 minutes and El Presidente and the chosen one still have to change money. The city guide says goodbye and the journey to the main train station begins.

2138 El Presidente understands irony, 1 out of 4 correct.

2151 Poznan curiosities part 4: El Presidente works.

2215 Financier is right again and rubs it under the nose of the ignorant - who see it and immediately listen to his advice (temporarily).

2245 The pizza shop is being searched meticulously. Meanwhile, our heroes are approached again by women with pink umbrellas.

2255 Everyone has ordered a pizza, except for the whiner on duty.

2256 The plan for the rest of the evening is drawn up.

2257 The plan is unanimously approved.

2310 “Time of my life” is played while eating pizza. This mood damper doesn't last long, however, as only bands like AC / DC or Metallica are played afterwards.

0005 The search for the art university begins.

0016 It was found, but it looks like a prison.

0017 It's a prison, we're all very confused.

0018 The right art university has been found and we feel betrayed by G ** gle Maps.

0040 El Presidente gets his meal and is now happy again.

0110 The quarter is now back and the obligatory skat and double head rounds begin.

0230 It is decided that everyone should go to sleep. All? No, a hero offers bitter resistance because he still has to write today's logbook.

0310 Now the last hero is also satisfied, wishes all readers a good night and goes to sleep - see you tomorrow when our community expects more exciting adventures. Which ones will it be, you ask? Well, you just have to switch it on again tomorrow when it says: FSR alone in Poznan. See you.

Day 3:

0900 The community gets up and packs their things for the big trip home.

1040 The city guide arrives at the hostel where the community is housed.

1100 The community separates due to another disagreement. Now it is finally over with holding hands and the relaxed atmosphere. In our community it will never be the same again. The Stev, the financier and the chosen one run to the main train station and the whiner and the city guide take the tram.

1118 At an intersection, our pedestrians experience a traffic light overkill: 5 traffic lights to come across a street.

1123 Man defeats machine, because our pedestrians were faster than the lazy, which is synonymous with the fact that fate has brought our community together again.

1145 There is a desperate search for food.

1207 The train leaves in 20 minutes and our heroes still have to exchange their money back for euros and find the right train car.

1225 We say goodbye to our city guide and thank you for the wonderful time.

1551 Landed back in Cottbus. We are doing well under the circumstances and we say goodbye to the well-deserved vacation. Because tomorrow there is a barbecue again with the FSR.


A trip to Poznan is worthwhile as there are beautiful architectural structures. As an example, the fountain in the main train station, when it is on, the old town hall on the Altmarkt, as well as the entire Altmarkt, the universities and the modern shopping centers are mentioned. However, there are many other beautiful monuments, works of art and old buildings that are worth a look.

Furthermore, the universities illustrate the transition from old buildings to more modern ones.

There are also a few parks and recreational areas with lots of things to do. The lively nightlife in Poznan lets every lark resurrect and ensures that the atmosphere continues well into the early hours of the morning.

The opening times of the shops and the travel times of the trains offer light and shadow.

The city guide was very happy about our visit and discovered that Polish construction foam with a cherry flavor is not for German tongues.


"You shall not pass !!"

The chosen one: "Why don't we put all the sayings in on Twitter?" Stev: "Because then people would not be able to keep up with the 'Like'!"

Someone always finds something to complain about, typically German.

DJ Sirene hangs up every time the community goes out.

City guide: "What's the point with organ trafficking all the time?" The chosen one: "Well, Eastern Europe."

Security in the shopping center: "Closed." Stev: "We wanna go out there." Security in the shopping center: "Car?"