What are we actually doing?

The Physics Student Council (FSR) represents the interests of the Physics Student Council, i.e. all physics students at the BTU Cottbus. As such, we are committed to maintaining a healthy relationship between students, staff and professors. In order to do justice to this, we often organize meetings and barbecues, as well as excursions to research institutions. The annual highlights are the Christmas party in the winter semester and the popular "paddling and grilling" in summer.

We are also the first point of contact for students who have questions about their studies. We also try to mediate in controversies between you and professors or staff. However, the latter is rarely necessary.

We are also a university political body of the composed student body with our own statutes and, albeit modest, own funds. We are elected for one year at the general assembly of the physics student council and represent your interests in university politics.

We are always happy about your support and everyone who is willing to get involved a little in the FSR.

physics student council members


Max Gertig

deputy chairman

Cathy Sulaiman

finance officer

Björn Riedel

other members

Julia Kuhn

Paul Fricke

Tom Hein

Marcel Konzack

Simone Hamm

student members in the examination board

Cathy Sulaiman

Marcel Konzack

@ If you have questions or like to join us, feel free to contact us via email:



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