Doctoral studentWorking titlesupervised by:
Michael AdamsDevelopment of a multi-modal exercise intervention for adolescents with non-traumatic anterior knee painProf. Dr. Christian Kopkow,
Prof. Dr. Axel Schäfer
Erik HalmEducation in physiotherapy treatment. The current status, real needs, challenges and barriers to implementationProf. Dr. Christian Kopkow,
Prof. Dr. Jacob Spallek
Stephanie HoffmannThe importance of spatial-geographical living conditions for psychomotor development in early childhood: An approach from the perspective of life course epidemiology taking into account social inequalities.Prof. Dr. Jacob Spallek
Kirsten Stangenberg-GlissDevelopment of a programme theory for outpatient telerehabilitation after stroke in GermanyProf. Dr. Christian Kopkow
Gerd KaufmannAction orientation in transformation processes of structurally weak rural areas.
An explorative qualitative study in a sample village in Brandenburg Dr. Heike Radvan, Alexandra Retkowski
Cordula Lasner-TietzeIntergenerational justice and its lines of conflict using the example of structural change in Alexandra Retkowski
Jenny PöllerMotivations for informal civic engagement in Heidrun Herzberg
Ina SchäferYouth (school) social work between anti-human normalities and diversity in the migration Dr. Heike Radvan
Stefanie LindnerYouth work in dealing with right-wing extremism since the 1990s - an analysis of the practice of various actors in Heike Radvan, Anna Amelina
Lukas AlthausSocial work, professionalism and professional participation: On the Action Orientation of Professionals in Inclusion Alexandra Retkowski,
Prof. Dr. Dieter Röh
Susanne LercheWomen as initiators of civic engagement in Alexandra Retkowski,
Prof. Raj Kollmorgen
Barbara Erjauz"How age-friendly is your community?" Development, validation and application of a measurement instrument to survey age-friendliness in rural Alexandra Retkowski,
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Veronika Anselmann
Matthias HinderbergerA metaphor-analytical study of practice guidance interviews in social work studiesProf. Dr. Juliane Noack Napoles, Alexandra Retkowski
Alexander ElserImplementation of a Virtual Reality Intervention in Physiotherapeutic Care of People with Chronic Pain: Barriers, Promoting Factors and Health-Related OutcomesProf. Dr. Christian Kopkow
Enikö SchradiTRES - Evaluation of the Trialogue in Eating Alexandra Retkowski, Stefanie Sauer, Eva Wunderer
Melanie HilbigThe quality of housing counseling in rural areas with a focus on structural change Alexandra Retkowski, Annemarie Jost
Josefine SiebertMany stories: On understanding multiperspectivity. An attempt based on autobiographical storytelling in the field of Arts Stefanie Kiwi Menrath, Alexandra Retkowski, Maria Nühlen
Lydia SanderHealth inequalities in early childhood and the influence of the familyProf. Dr. Jacob Spallek
Carolin BahnsEvaluation and Implementation of Guideline-Compliant Physiotherapeutic Care for Persons with Hip and Knee OsteoarthritisProf. Dr. Christian Kopkow
Raphael SchützLoneliness in children and adolescents Prevalence and health-related correlationsProf. Dr. Ludwig Bilz
Claudia ArndtSelf-thematization processes of adolescents in the practice of theater pedagogical offers in a region affected by structural changeProf. Dr. Alexandra Retkowski
Marie Josefine TallarekPrimary prevention of gestational and type 2 diabetes mellitus among women in urban Kenya. A health system capacity approachProf. Dr. Jacob Spallek
Bettina SchefflerEvaluation and implementation of guideline-compliant care using the example of the S2e guideline Rehabilitation of Mobality after Stroke (ReMoS) A study with a multi-method approachProf. Dr. Christian Kopkow,
Prof. Dr. Jacob Spallek
Kathrin CoobsHinge points as breaking points in the youth welfare system?! About the construction of difficult cases in the accompanying youth welfare system in Berlin Alexandra Retkowski
Nina Radzewitz(narrative representations) of collective fate in the Corona Heidrun Herzberg
Ralf MahlichTension between human rights mandate and right-wing Heike Radvan, Heidrun Herzberg
Anne PeschThe Body and Technical Juliane Napoles Noack
Frauke RisseReflexivity in the Professional Action of Professionals in the Field of Social Work with Stefanie Sauer, Heidrun Herzberg
Marc SchreiberSocial Interactions and their Quality as Stabilizing Aspects in Extended Communal Food Systems in Small Towns in the Peripheral Rural Area of Brandenburg Analyzed on the Basis of the Communities Großräschen, Herzberg and Alexandra Retkowski
Jan SchametatPatterns of biographical decision processes of young people in rural-peripheral regions at the transition from school to work

Doctoral Procedure Opened
Prof. Dr. Alexandra Retkowski
Anke ZeißigBoredom and Creativity in Dr. Ludwig Bilz
Thomas HänsgenWork, Stress and Health of Managers in Child Day Care Facilities - Development of a Prevention ConceptProf. Dr. Sven Michel
Julia Kansok-DuscheHate Speech as a School Problem?Prof. Dr. Ludwig Bilz
Zuhal ÜrkmezPartner Violence against women in Turkey and Germany. Qualitative and comparative study on coping behaviors of women affected by partner violenceProf. Dr. Alexandra Retkowski
Holger ThomasInfluence of structural change in Lusatia on the professional self-image and action strategies of full-time social workersProf. Dr. Alexandra Retkowski
Andrea DiesnerExploring the different avenues of support and services for exploited women ans girls involved in sextrafficking between Bali/Thailands How effective are the repatriation measure in European law for these women? Alexandra Retkowski
Maria RillingOn the field of action of in-company educational personnel in physiotherapy - education in practical training, contradictions and antinomies of vocational pedagogical Heidrun Herzberg, Anja Walter
Richard RathGood Work? Dealing with a normative dilemma on the basis of current Birgit Behrensen
Mandy MarxWorkplace health promotion for employees in nursing professions based on the 5 pillars according to KneippProf. Dr. Ludwig Bilz
Ann-Sophie OtteProfessional identities of health care professions in interdisciplinary Heidrun Herzberg
Maria Christine MattEducation between Emancipation and Integration. An Empirical Study on Pedagogical Action in the Context of Flight and Alexandra Retkowski
Hannah Juliane SauerThe internship abroad in the study of social work from a transition theoretical perspectiveProf. Dr. Alexandra Retkowski
Benjamin FörsterSignificance of emotions of teachers in geriatric care in the context of pedagogical Anja Walter,
Prof. Dr. Ludwig Bilz
Angela Edwina ObongoDeterminants of access to and use of gestational diabetes mellitus services in Kenya and MozambiqueProf. Dr. Jacob Spallek
Martin TitusThe development of baseline endurance and physical self-concept after time-limited health promotion A longitudinal study to assess the sustainability of targeted health promotion

Doctoral Procedure Opened
Prof. Dr. Sven Michel