Educational science observes, interprets and explains the processes of education, learning and socialization, and tries to predict the effects of these processes and, based on these, to provide action and reflection knowledge to those involved in the pedagogical practice. Pedagogical action aims to impart both competencies that enable a productive coping with life and the ability and willingness to use them self-critically and responsibly. This shows the ethical claim of pedagogy, namely to consider educational practice and its normative design. Because people who are involved in Social Work always act pedagogically, the awareness and the ability to reflect upon their own pedagogical actions and to think from these points of view are essential for the development of professionalism and a related professional identity.

Work and research focus

  • Eudaimogenetic approaches to Pedagogy and Social Work
  • (Pedagogical) concepts of identity and identity development
  • Vulnerability and vulnerability in (social) educational contexts
  • Aesthetic education
  • Educational Anthropology