Chemical analyses

  • TS/VS (total solids and volatile solids)
  • Organic acids (acetic acid equivalent and acid spectrum by GC analysis)
  • Free glycerol content (on GC)
  • COD (photometric), BOD5
  • Total N, TOC, NH4-N, PO4-P, NO3-,K, Na, (photometric from liquid samples)
  • Total nitrogen N (Kjeldahl)
  • TC, TIC, TOC (IR spectrometry) from solid and liquid phases
  • Digestion of specific groups of substances according to van Soest (ADF, ADL, DL)
  • pH-value, salinity, conductivity
  • Acid capacity, FOS/TAC value
  • Determination of calorific value (on calorimeter)
  • Elemental analysis by AAS and ICP
  • Gas analysis by GC (nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen) 
  • Component determination by means of GCMS

Mechanical analyses

  • Sieve analyses for particle size distribution
  • Sorting analyses

Sample preparation

  • Laboratory sample divider
  • Ultracentrifugal mill
  • Vibrating mill
  • Various

Equipment for sorting analyses 

  • Vibrating sieve, sieve sections 10, 60, 120 mm
  • Sorting belts and tables for manual sorting
  • Magnetic separator
  • Non-ferrous metal separator (eddy current separator)
  • Sample dividers for different particle sizes
  • Rotary shear
  • Hammer mill
  • Cutting mill
  • Air classifier
  • Zig-zag classifier