Funding Project title
Joint project, BMWI, Duration: 2022 - 2025RB-HTWP qualification of biomethanation in the trickle bed process for the utilization of fluctuating regenerative energies, CO2 use and heat supply at the Klettwitz/Lausitz site
EU-Project Grant agreement number: 101000470-4         Duration: 2021 - 2025Micro4Biogas: Natural and Synthetic Microbial Communities for Sustainable Production of Optimized Biogas
Fkz: 2220NR200A Agency: FNR Sponsor: BMEL          Duration: 2021 - 2024CO2BI: CO2BI: Utilisation and storage of fluctuating renewable energies and CO2 emission reduction - application-oriented qualification of the ABRW process for biomethanation; sub-project 1: Development, optimisation and evaluation of the ABRW process.  
Fkz: 033R220C Agency: PTJ Sponsor: BMBF         Duration: 2019 - 2022GoldRecApp: Pilot plant for recycling precious metals into the economic cycle using innovative biotechnological process technology
Fkz: 01DN17043 Agency: DLR Sponsor: BMBF          Duration: 2017 – 2023BioEnNOx: Cooperative development of research structures for the local production and use of sustainable energy, especially biogas from waste streams, in Oaxaca/Mexico  

Animated video for the Micro4Biogas project. You can find more content about the project at: