Current projects

Cooperation agreement for practical research

The Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg and the Lausitzer Energie Bergbau AG and Lausitzer Energie Kraftwerke AG (LEAG) want to dovetail science and practice even more closely in the future. In July 2020 a cooperation agreement on the exchange of science and practice was signed for this purpose. The agreement stipulates the active involvement of master's students of business administration (BWL) in the search for further business fields for the company. To this end, BTU and LEAG will offer a joint practical seminar. Both partners will benefit from the practical seminar. While the students develop new impulses, solution approaches and scientific theoretical contributions, LEAG is available as a contact partner, provides insights into practice and helps to promote business ideas.

contact: Dr. rer. pol. Stephanie Duchek

Participation in the "Innovative University" project

The chair is involved in two projects of the BMBF-funded Innohub13 initiative ( and will investigate how a transfer of knowledge from the university to companies in the region can be achieved through cooperation and the posting of scientists and students to companies. Within the scope of the project, theses are to be written in cooperation with the regional companies and groups of students are to be given the opportunity to gain practical experience through real business projects at an early stage. This gives companies the opportunity to have students pre-structure and work on tasks and current practical questions.

Completed Projects

Field experiment "EcoDrive"

The efficient use of resources is a requirement for successful greenhouse gas mitigation and thus for maximizing welfare. At the level of entrepreneurs, it is the requirement for cost-efficient management. However, at the company level often arises a principal-agent conflict, as entrepreneurs are faced with the question of how to motivate their employees to make efficient use of the company’s resources.

This problem manifests itself, particularly in the transportation sector. Road transport in Germany contributes a considerable amount of greenhouse gas emissions. While fuel consumption in passenger transport is declining overall, freight transport has continued to rise significantly in recent years. Therefore, many logistics service providers use so-called telematics systems to encourage their drivers to drive in an environmentally friendly and cost-saving manner. 

With the help of field experiments on professional drivers, we investigate how entrepreneurs have to use telematics systems in order to achieve an improvement of driving behavior as efficiently, effectively and sustainably as possible. In doing so, we use and review behavioral economics approaches to intrinsic/extrinsic motivation, tournaments, incentive systems, etc. With the help of a small forerunner project in the form of a master thesis, it could be shown that the mere information about one's own driving behavior can lead to a saving of up to 1 liter per 100 kilometers.  

Contact: Dr. Kirsten Thommes, Dr. Christin Hoffmann

Participation in the project "WI+R".

The chair is funded by the BMBF together with the Department of Design and Manufacturing ( in order to plan the implementation of the WI+R project as part of a concept phase. As part of the Initiative Wandel durch Innovation in der Region (WIR!) initiative, all East German regions were invited to submit proposals for the development of structurally weak regions in East Germany. Of the more than 100 sketches submitted, 32 were selected for funding, which are now to plan the implementation of their project in a first phase. If the implementation is also approved, the overall project would receive funding of up to EUR 8 million.

Duration: 01/2018-09/2018 (concept phase)

Contact person: Janny Klabuhn, Dr. Kirsten Thommes

Cooperation project "Entrepreneurship in Lusatia"

The aim of the cooperation with the Innovation Region Lausitz GmbH for the project "Entrepreneurship in Lusatia" is to improve the networking of companies in the region of Lusatia with the researchers of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and to improve research into entrepreneurship in the region of Lusatia during the period of structural change in order to provide learning opportunities for all entrepreneurs in the region.

Expert interviews are to be used to draw conclusions about the influencing factors of the region, cooperations and the development of entrepreneurs with regard to the innovation activities of companies. In addition, the aim is to enable companies to take advantage of learning opportunities and use them for their company, thus strengthening the entrepreneurial vitality of Lusatia. Furthermore, regional innovation processes are to be developed and improved through better networking between companies.

Duration: 06/2017-06/2018

Contact: Dr. Kirsten Thommes, Nadine Litwin

Participation in the Graduate School (GRS) in the "LokPro" cluster

The control of locally acting manufacturing processes, their integration into "smart" production chains, as well as the efficient, continuous planning and control of production, represent central challenges that are to be investigated in the GRS Cluster "LokPro".

In the course of the development of industry 4.0, people and machines will work more closely together in the future. Due to recent developments in robotics and communication and information technology, machines are no longer just tools for people in production but are increasingly being used as team members in production processes. It is crucial to know to what extent cooperation and coordination in teams is influenced by non-human team members. The development of the resulting productivity paradoxes provides information as to whether opportunities or risks associated with the use of machines as team members predominate.

Duration: 10/2016-09/2018

Contact: Dr. Kirsten Thommes, Janny Klabuhn

e- transform

Accompaniment of transformation processes in the energy supply - Redefinition of cooperative mission statement communication including interactive media systems (e-transform)

Duration: 1.9.2013 bis 31.8.2016

KATHAROS - Service robotics in the service sector

Contamination prevention by autonomous transport and handling robots in laundry systems

Duration: 01.05.2013-30.04.2016

Ziemlich beste Lernfreu(n)de 

Adapted qualification programme for the challenges of demographic change 

Duration: 03/2013 bis 02/2015

Information and communication technologies as drivers for the convergence of intelligent infrastructures and networks

Duration: 12/2013 bis 09/2014

Full-service provider for heavy goods transport using modularized special load carriers

SILVER - Intergenerational learning in companies

Duration: 01.11.2011 bis 31.10.2013

Productivity of services

Duration: 01.09.2009 bis 31.12.2013

Next generation of biotechnological processes

Duration: 04/2010 bis 12/2012

Kopf und Zahl

Duration: 20.10.2008 bis 30.04.2009


Duration: 01.08.2007 bis 31.01.2010

EXIST III - Founding and team competence centre

Duration: 01.10.2007-30.09.2010

Analysis of sector-specific developments of competences and economic activities in the EU

INNOVA - Industry-specific innovation activities 

Duration: 01.04.2008- 31.12.2010

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