Please read up on the following topics:

We have open slots for writing your thesis at our chair. If you are interested in writing this or next semester, please reach out to the given supervisor next to the topics. The listings represent only a first overview. You are welcome to submit your own suggestions for topics. We have also had good experiences with thesis projects together with companies and organisations. Ask for details!

Since winter semester 2017/2018 the seminar on scientific work has been intended for all students who write their bachelor, master or diploma thesis. We recommend that you attend the seminar regularly during the semester before you actually write your thesis. Please register directly via the learning portal moodle. The seminar can be booked at any time and is not tied to semester periods (compulsory for Bachelor students, elective for Master students). The seminar documents are also available in moodle. These can be accessed after logging in. However, the weekly classroom courses are only held during the semester. From the time of booking you have access to all documents for six months.

Please visit the seminar regularly and get involved with your questions. The seminar can also be before you intend to write your final thesis (recommended by us!).

For theses and seminar papers, our guideline for scientific work is authoritative.


  1. Please clarify first if you have fulfilled all formal requirements to write a thesis at this chair.
  2. Choose a topic from the list ("offered topics for theses") or develop your own topic (this can, but does not have to, happen in cooperation with an external organization or a company).
  3. Make an consultation appointment with supervisor and clarify content and expectations in a joint discussion.
  4. You need to prepare a written exposé of the planned work as a Word file with 3 pages. The exposé should deal with the following points: 1) Theoretical background/motivation for the topic 2) Problem definition and research question, 3) Methodological approach, 4) Expected results, 5) Timetable, 6) Literature. A written exposé is mandatory for writing your thesis at our chair. Please note that crafting a expose will usually take some, in some cases you have to overwork your expose to get it accepted.
  5. If your exposé has been accepted by the supervisor, please have the completed application form for your final thesis (see "Downloads") checked by the student examination office, then you will come to the chair and have it signed by the head of the chair. 
  6. After signing by the head of the chair, please register your thesis (using this form) at the student examination office. 
  7. The duration of the course depends on your examination regulations (between 3 and 6 months, usually 4 months, please check!)
  8. We suggest you to discuss your work progress regularly with your supervisor. It is up to you to contact your supervisors and ask for help. The supervisor is free to make individual arrangements.
  9. Make sure to hand in your application in time for the deadline! (status October 2016:) Please note that for the final theses (master's or bachelor's thesis) § 24 of the Framework Regulations, which began on October 1, 2016, § 24 contains the following:[...] (3) The submission of the written work in triple printed and bound copies as well as in electronic form takes place at the Student Service and must be made there on file. In the case of postal delivery, the date of the postmark on the written work shall be decisive. Works that started before 01.10.2016 are subject to the old regulations and can be handed over in accordance with the chair regulations! Missing a deadline means that you have NOT passed! Please also observe the regulations in your examination regulations for final theses.