The aim of the BTU-BAM Graduate School »Trustworthy Hydrogen« is to train the next generation of interdisciplinary hydrogen experts. For graduates to play a leading role in establishing the hydrogen economy, the aim of the graduate school is for all doctoral students to gain a holistic understanding of the hydrogen value chain and the regulatory framework in addition to their specialist expertise in a particular research topic. The graduates of the PhD programme will thus have excellent career perspectives in all areas of hydrogen economy.

To achieve this overall objective and to best equip doctoral students for the future job market, the graduate programme pursues six specific goals:

1. Scientific expertise

Through the PhD project, each PhD student achieves expert status in a specific hydrogen-related research topic to advance scientific and technical knowledge and is prepared for a scientific career.

2. Hydrogen value chain

After completing their PhD, each doctoral student will have an in-depth understanding of the entire hydrogen value chain, from production, transport and storage to the various applications and sector coupling.

3. H2-Readiness

Each doctoral student will have substantial knowledge of the regulatory framework including standardization as well as applicable knowledge in risk assessment and evaluation.

4. Technology acceptance

To prepare PhD students for future leadership roles, the program aims to equip all PhD students with essential knowledge in the field of technology acceptance (incl. science communication) and policy consultation as well as an understanding of economic framework conditions.

5. Soft Skills

To further develop the personal competences of the doctoral researchers, all doctoral researchers receive tailor-made support in strengthening their soft skills.

6. Intersectorality

Since future career paths of doctoral students in academia, business as well as public institutions will be very diverse, the Research Training Group enables all doctoral students to gain sound insights into these three sectors.