Lectures: Principles of Cognition and Perception


Module Description

Participants will master a solid, conceptual framework for understanding the elements of human perception and cognition. In particular, they will be able to describe the types of information that humans can detect and will learn how that information is extracted by the human brain. Furthermore, they will understand the various classes of additional processing or usage of this information. By the end of the course, should be able to use what they learned to subsequently deepen their studies of the various topics.

  • Perception from a Computer Graphics Perspective. A K Peters/CRC Press
  • Michael Eysenck (2012) Fundamentals of Cognition, 2nd Edition. Psychology Press Ltd

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Target Groups

  • Study programme Information and Media Technology B. Sc. (PO 2017):  Complex "Media Studies and Technology", mandatory module in discipline "Cognitive Systems", compulsory elective module in the other disciplines.
  • Study programme Computer Science B. Sc.: Compulsory elective module in complex "Practical Computer Science" (level 300).