Lectures and Exercises

Modulno.:ModulBachelor / MasterSemester
12311Fundamentals of Computer GraphicsBa. and Ma.winter semester
12473VisualizationMasterby appointment
11293Modelling, Editing and Visualizing 3D-ObjectsBa. and Ma.summer semester
12105Introduction to ProgrammingBa. and Ma.every semester
11509Designing and Unterstanding Psychological ExperimentsMasterby appointment
11911Principles of Cognition and PerceptionBachelorsummer semester
13842Virtual Reality and AgentsMasterby appointment
13846Learning in Real and Virtual HumansMastersummer semester


Modulnr.:ModulBachelor / Master
12463Facial AnimationMaster
12462Models of Human PerceptionMaster
12461Trends in Visual ComputingMaster