Guideline for an Erasmus+ traineeship for graduates

Please consider the following aspects:

  • Plan your internship in the long run.
  • Please apply early enough, during your last year of study.
  • If you haven't got a traineeship, you have to apply six months before the intended starting date of your traineeship with the complete Set 1 of the application documents. In case you already have a traineeship you have to apply three months before the intended starting date with the complete Set 1 + Set 2 of the application documents.

!! Attention: In the event of a late submission of the Applications, your funding period will be shortened!!

  • Please take into account that an Erasmus+ placement can only be an allowance to your actual living expenses. Therefore you should also consider other possibilities to get additional allowances.
  • The application documents have to be complete and filled in digitally. Applications filled by hand will not be accepted.
  • Please be sure to check early on for any requirements you might need to meet to enter your destination country, and also to reside there for the duration of your internship. This is especially important if you are not a citizen of an EU member country.
  • Please make also sure you have adequate insurance coverage for your stay abroad.
  • Please have a look at the advice on our page about preparations.
  • You are not entitled to lodge a claim for an Erasmus+ grant.