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Unlike large technical universities, we offer optimal conditions for a successful study. Preceding the admission and enrolment phase, we provide customized information and consulting services. We are known for our excellent all-round student care and the uncomplicated, personal communication between lecturers and students.

Bridge to Studies

The preparatory programme "Bridge to Studies" offers international applicants the opportunity to improve their knowledge of German from B1 onwards, and offers them a better perspective on achieving...

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Apply to study at the BTU via UniAssist. The prerequisites are a university entrance qualification and the required language level

Arrival & Enrolment

Preparation, Arrival, Enrolment and Study Start: Here you will find support at every stage of your study for our international students

Student Finances

Preparation, Arrival, Enrolment and Study Start: Here you will find support at every stage of your study for our international students


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  • What can I study at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg?

    There are more than 70 degree programs are available for study at the BTU. The wide array of courses range from architecture and biotechnology to industrial engineering and are available on the study programmes overview page, as well as on the study guides for Bachelor's degree programs and Master's degree programs.

  • Should I choose an applied or a research-oriented degree programme?

    At the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, there is the special opportunity to study either and applied or research-oriented study programme. In general, applied degree programmes are geared more towards direct applicability in practice and offer the option of a dual degree study, while the research oriented-study programmes aim more at a comprehensive understanding of the basics and are scientific research-based. Excellent study conditions exist for both types of study programmes at the BTU.

  • What requirements must I fulfil to study at the BTU?

    To study at the BTU, certain requirements must be fulfilled in accordance with Brandenburg University Law. For bachelor degree programmes, these is usually a german general higher education entrance qualification. Some programmes have specific requirements such as language proofs or health certificates. Master's degree programs require a suitable first degree with professional qualifications. In all cases, the required language level must be proven.

  • Where can I live in Cottbus and Senftenberg?

    For students of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg many wonderful and affordable housing opportunities are available. Tips and contact information can be found in the booklet Tips for Study start and on the overview page on living and costs.

  • How long does one semester take? What other dates do I have to keep in mind?

    One year at the university is divided into semesters, each lasting six months. The winter semester lasts from October to March and the summer semester from April to September. Most study programmes start at the BTU in the winter semester. An overview of all important dates, such as lecture periods, application and enrolment deadlines are provided by the current semester timetable.

  • How can I get a timetable for my studies?

    A fixed timetable is rare when studying. Therefore, compiling modules for the first semester is usually one of the first challenges while studying, this illustrates the differences between learning at school and at the university.

    The course of the first semester can and should be planned with the help of the examination and study regulations of the degree programme and the information portal teaching. In the appendix of examination and study regulations, a standard curriculum, which proposes a distributing the modules over several study semesters can be found. On the information portal teaching, all modules and events of the BTU are incorporated, as are the modules for the first semester. Further information can be found in the booklet Tips for Study Start.

Absolutely essential: At the beginning of your study, this information and what you should do with it is new and unfamiliar to many undergraduate students. That is why in the orientation week, support and good examples are given.

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