Efficient treatments in old age

The population forecast for the State of Brandenburg predicts that, by the year 2040, half of the people here will be concentrated onto only 15 percent of the surface area, whereas the other half will be distributed over the remaining 85 percent. Not only will there be fewer inhabitants in rural areas, but also the proportion of over 65-year olds will rise rapidly.typo3/

Above all in the field of medical care, therefore, a major need for action is becoming apparent. What is required here are efficient and needs-based treatments for illnesses occurring frequently in old age. At the same time, the guaranteeing of medical care in the flatlands of Brandenburg is becoming a significant topic.

In the "Gesundheitscampus (Health Campus) Brandenburg", a strong network of universities, universities of applied science, non-university research facilities and clinics is conducting research to obtain a better understanding of human physiology. A project to which the BTU makes a major contribution has dedicated itself to the "Consequences of age-associated cell and organ functions ". In four subprojects, researchers of the BTU at the Campus Senftenberg are addressing the subject field "The dependency of tissue and organ functions on age":