Student projects

Floating Artwork

The end of 2012 in the field of architecture of the University of Lausitz (current BTU-Senftenberg) was an impromptu top "Floating Artwork" performed. It was a, or more pontoons to design floating object that responds to a wide effect on local, climatic, energetic, historical or political context and provoked. Here, the energy self-sufficiency should be considered.

Twelve projects were submitted and awarded three works. The first work of Michael Koppenhagen themed overall energy symbols and abstracted them. The work of Hao Cao foresaw a walk wavy Platform wooden profiles. The work of Meryem Altun dealt with a folded object of concrete.

Further work

Floating houses in the Lusatian Lakeland
- A building and water legal classification (thesis)
(Christian Cieslak, 20.08.2009)
The energy supply floating dwellings (Bachelor thesis)
(Sven Dietz man Bejamin Schmidt, 20.08.2012)
Materials and techniques for building "floating residential architecture" in near-shore and coastal waters in particular mining lakes of the "Lausitz Lake Chain" (thesis)
(Chris Dombrowski, 04.2008)
Decentralized / alternative waste and storm water treatment using the example "Bergheider See" taking into account the water side pollution (thesis)
(Steffen Giebler, Andreas Schähl, 04.2008)
Floating Architecture: construction and development: form, design and materials (thesis)
(Stefan Giebler, 03.09.2007)
Heating and water supply of floating homes in compliance with energy issues (Master's Thesis)
(Marcel Harnath, 17.10.2011)
The water supply of floating homes in compliance with energy issues (Bachelor thesis)
(Steffen Kubsch, 20.08.2012)
Economic analysis of floating houses (Master's Thesis)
(Dajana Kühnel, 06.08.2012)
Experimental and computational proof of the effectiveness of water operated devices and building cases to the heating and cooling energy requirements floating houses (Bachelor thesis)
(Sebastian Nowka, 28/08/10)
Comparative study of wood steel and reinforced concrete structures with respect to their use in floating architecture (dissertation)
(Daniel Pehle, 08.02.2010)
Use of environmental energy for the temperature of frost exposed surfaces of floating structures (Bachelor thesis)
(Sebastian Pietsch, 26. 01. 2010)
Demands on the planning of the building envelope or building and strategies for the realization of energy-efficient building using the example of a residential and commercial building in Berlin (thesis)
(Benjamin Reinhold, 27.06.2008)
Implementation and financial backing of the author floating architectural projects in the Lusatian Lakeland (thesis)
(Alexander Scharfenberg, 2007)
Fire protection concepts for the town hall Eisenhüttenstadt and the "Floating Village" at Lake Gräbendorf (Bachelor thesis)
(Patrick Scholz, 2013)
Review of heat supply variants for "Floating residential" in the field of fossil fuels (oil / LPG) (Master's Thesis)
(Carsten Freiherr von Kittlitz and Ottendorf, 12.07.2011)
Use of environmental energy for the temperature control of enclosures and frost exposed surfaces of floating structures (dissertation)
(Jens Villwock, 28.07.2009)
Measuring equipment for the determination of sea state parameters in coastal engineering - development, application and comparison (Bachelor thesis)
(Rico Weissbach, 2010)