The Idenfication Card (Chip Card)


1. Student identification card
A student identification card (chip card) will be made for you as soon as the payment of your semester fee for your first semester of studies is recorded by BTU.
You need to register for every semester of your studies. Please check out the following information on registering for the following semester. Following your registration for each semester, you need to get a stamp of validity on your chip card. This can be done at different validity stations. Please note the direction as shown in the illustrations on the printers.

Validation stations are available at all three places of study for updating the semester imprint:

Main Campus
Main Building: Self Service Point (former Infothek)

Campus Sachsendorf
Building 7 Foyer: opening hours of the libraries

Campus Senftenberg
Building 2 Foyer: Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m
Library: opening hours of the libraries

2. Library card
With the chip card you can borrow books from the university library (IKMZ), do research on the internet, access databases, and access electronic media.

3. Copy card
You can make copies of documents at copy machines located around campus and in the IKMZ with your chip card. The chip card has a "wallet" integrated into it which you can load money onto using cash at the loading machine located in the IKMZ. If the chip card is lost, the amount topped up cannot be refunded. If the chip card is defective, the topped-up amount can be transferred to the new card.


My chip card no longer works.
Your card is probably faulty. If there is a technical error your card will be replaced free of charge. If the defect was caused by improper use, costs of € 40.00 incur for the replacement. A free of charge replacement is only possible after using the chip card for at least 3 years. The damaged chip card will be retained by the university. Details about the payment can be found in your fee notice in the myBTU-Portal under Study Service-Reports/Certificates.

My chip card was stolen.
Stolen chip cards must be reported to the police. The police complaint can be presented during the office hours for the chip card and a new chip card is issued without fees. 

I have lost my chip card.
In the case of a lost card, the Admissions & Registrar's Office is to be notified of the loss immediatly. The replacement costs € 40.00. After at least 3 years of use of the lost card the costs for a replacement are waived. Details about the payment can be found in your fee notice in the myBTU-Portal under Study Service-Reports/Certificates.

I cannot make it to BTU in person. Is it possible to send the new chip card by mail?
No, mailing a chip card is not possible. In this situation we recommend that you issue a certificate of authorization to someone you trust to take care of getting a new card for you. The new card will be issued to the person after a copy of your personal identification card is presented, and the certificate of authorization (signed in original) is handed over.

For the issue of a replacement chip card please submit the Request for a Replacement Chip Cardat the Information Centre.

You will be informed shortly via email about how and when you will receive your replacement chip card.

For questions and problems associated with the chip card please contact the Admissions & Registrar's Office.