Registering for the following semester

Registering and paying semester fees for the following summer semester 2023

To illustrate how the re-registration can be made quickly and easily in the myBTU-Portal, there is a helpful video tutorial.

In order to continue your studies in the following semester, you need to register during the current semester in the registration deadline (see the schedule of events and deadlines). You will receive an email in time for re-registration for the next semester with appropriate instructions for re-registration. Re-registration takes place in the myBTU portal.

Important Note: If you would like to apply for a change of study programme, please re-register during the registration period.

Registration period for the summer semester 2023: 2nd January to 31st January 2023

The amount of the semester fee can be found in your fee notice under Student Service Reports / Certificates in the myBTU portal.

Re-registration is not formally completed until the entire semester fee shown in the fee notification has been transferred. A separate written declaration is not necessary. If there are reasons that prevent the continuation of studies (e.g.: proof of health insurance is missing), the transfer of the semester fee alone does not lead to the completion of the re-registration.

It takes at least four days for your payment to be booked by BTU! When registering, only the date of booking is relevant and not the date on which you initiated the payment. If the payment deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or official holiday, then the deadline is not extended until the next workday (§ 31, Abs. 3, S. 2 Brandenburg administrative proceedings law). 

Your registration for the following semester is complete when your payment is booked by BTU.

You will receive a status notification about the successful re-registration via the myBTU portal. There you can then save and print your study certificate under Student Service - Notices / Certificates.
After successful re-registration, the validity imprint on your chip card must be renewed at one of the validation stations at your study location. This imprint also updates the validity information for the semester ticket.

Note for doctoral students:
For the semester ticket, please submit an informal application to StuRa prior to re-registration. After your application has been checked, it will be activated if necessary and you can pay the semester fee including the semester ticket.

If you would like to request a leave of absence or change of degree programme, then you should do this during the registration period.

If you fail to register by the deadline, then you will be automatically expelled from the university.