Leave of Absence

To illustrate how to request a leave of absence in the myBTU-Portal, there is a helpful video tutorial.

The rules in force for leaves of absence can be found in the Enrolment Rules of BTU Cottbus.

How and when do I file for a semester on leave?
You may take a leave of absence for a semester. Possible reasons for the leave of absence may be: semester abroad, internship, maternity leave, etc. (more info in the Enrolment Rules of BTU Cottbus).

The leave of absence must be applied for online during the re-registration period in the myBTU-Portal (under My Studies > Applications > Leave of Absence); the relevant evidence (for example, medical certificate, birth certificate, internship contract) must be uploaded along with the application. You can view the processing status of your online application at any time in the myBTU-Portal.

After examining the application and reaching a decision, you will be informed by email. You will receive a notification of the approval or rejection of your application which will be made available to you to print (PDF file) on the myBTU-Portal under My Studies > Study Service > Notices/Certificates. Please download this as soon as possible and keep it in a safe place for future inquiries. If approved, the leave of absence will also be listed on the certificate of enrolment.

Is the semester ticket included in my semester fee when I take a leave of absence?

Some reasons for a leave of absence lead to a reduction in the semester fee. You can find out the cost of your semester fee in your fee notification in the myBTU-Portal after the online application has been approved.

If you already paid the semester fee before you submitted the online application for a leave of absence, and the reason for your leave of absence resulted in a reduction of your semester fee, the excess amount will be listed for you as a credit in the myBTU-Portal. Amounts greater than 5 euros will be officially reimbursed. For amounts of less than 5 euros, you must submit an application for the reimbursement of credit via the myBTU-Portal.

Certain reasons, such as an internship abroad (Usually internships in Germany do not count), may qualify you to apply for an exemption from the fee imposed upon students by the student services organisation (Studentenwerk) for the time you are on leave. The application for exemption from/reimbursement of the Studentenwerk fee must be sent directly to the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder). The contact person is Ms. Annett Schäffter (tel.: 0335/5650940, e-mail: service(at)studentenwerk-frankfurt.de).

May I put off taking examinations while I am on leave?
The right to register for modules and attend courses is suspended for the duration of the leave of absence. Repeat examinations in modules with a final module examination can be taken.