Living costs

Whether close to the university, surrounded by greenery in the countryside, centrally or furnished - Cottbus and Senftenberg offer the perfect accommodation for all requirements and this from as little as 180 euros / month. This, in turn, leaves more scope for your free time and personal wishes.

Monthly costs in Cottbus

Cottbus and Senftenberg are very popular amongst students due to the very reasonable cost of living here.

Rent (incl. additional costs)180 - 350 €
Food150 €
Health insurance / medical80 €
Miscellaneous (clothing, study materials, free-time)200 - 300 €
600 - 880 €

Source: BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

The semester ticket (included in the semester fees) includes the cost for public transport. This applies to Berlin, Brandenburg and the train to Dresden.

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