Financing of a course of study


Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz, short Bafög, is always worthwhile for students to apply for, because only 50% of the interest-free loan and a maximum of 10.000€ have to be paid back. Even if the Bafög cannot cover any additional needs, you should at least apply for the normal Bafögsatz.

On application, the financial aid payments can also be approved beyond the regular duration of the programme if it can be clearly shown that the extension of the period of study is due to the disability / chronic illness.

Scholarships as additional financing

Scholarships can be used as additional financing for studies, full financing is usually not offered due to the amount and duration of the respective scholarship. the sponsors of scholarships are foundations of churches, political parties, trade unions and various commercial enterprises. a list of the most common foundations and alternative financing options can be found here.