Aim and Scope of the Bachelor Program

Biotechnology is one of the leading directions of future developments combining scientific knowledge, modern technologies and life styles. Thus covering a wide field of applications graduates of our study can enter labor market in various areas of research, medicine and industry including:

  • Genome research
  • Gene diagnostics and gene therapy
  • Tissue engineering and organ replacement
  • Drug and foog supplement synthesis with microorganisms and cell culture
  • Bioprocess engineering
  • Use of renewable resources and enzyme technology
  • Nanobiotechnology

Studying Biotechnology on the University of Applied Science provides students with a pleiotropic scientific background in combination with laboratory experience. The multifaceted offer in lectures supplies students with a general basic knowledge in the major fields of biotechnology: microbiology, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, technical microbiology and gene technology. Notwithstanding the above general scientific background in mathematics, physics and chemistry is guaranteed keeping the directions of further specializations opened.

The focus of our bachelor program is targeted towards progression of practical skills which our students acquire in a multitude of lab courses. Undergraduates become acquainted with general techniques and procedures of organic and physical chemistry, as well as biochemistry, microbiology and gene technology during the bachelor study.

Moreover students receive the possibility to develop further and gain first working experience in different companies and laboratories of their interest in two practical semesters. In this way also semester abroad can be included into the schedule without complications and interruptions.

With finishing the study graduates receive the first official university degree with the Bachelor of Science facilitating start of a working carrier or a subsequent master study.