Aims and Scope of the Programme

The three or four semester international master's programme in Biotechnology is an intensive, laboratory based, research oriented training program which follows a bachelor's programme in Biotechnology of seven or six semesters. The master's programme starts every year in the summer semester (for the programme with a regular duration of 3 semesters) or winter semester (for the programme with a regular duration of 4 semesters).

To provide our students with a broad theoretical background and extensive practical traning, lectures and lab courses are offered in the following disciplines:

  • Cell Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Bioanalytics
  • Laboratory Diagnostics

A maximum of eight study places will be offered in each discipline. Prospective students have to choose one discipline after their admission. Places will be allocated according to this decision if there are enough study places available in a discipline. In case there are more prospective students for a discipline than places available, places will be allocated according to the best rank in the admission procedure.

Our master's programme is focused on achieving practical competencies, educating autonomous self-confident graduates.

To assure individual training on high standard, special emphasis is put on individual training in small groups. Therefore the number of participants is limited. All lectures, seminars and laboratory courses are taught in English.

After two or three semesters of intensive training, students complete the program with an five-months thesis project leading to the degree Master of Science.

The thesis project involves experimental work under the supervision of a faculty member of the master program. This work can also be done outside the university, i.e. in research institutes or companies.

The master's programme Biotechnology is conducted in Senftenberg.