Other Theses

Mastertheses Urban Development Planning (Vietnamese-German University)

Doan Ngoc Anh Vu, 2012. Settlement Analysis of Long Xuyen City

Le Nguyen Huong Giang, 2012. Urban Planning and its Reflection on Flooding in Ho Chi Minh City

Vo My Y, 2012. Comparitive Analysis of the Vietnamese and European Environmental Impact Assessment

Hoang Anh, 2012. The Canal System Changes in Ho Chi Minh City and their Effects in the Urban Development

Nguyen Tan Hung, 2012. Urban Flood Management: Case Study, Flood Exposure Analysis and Feasible Applications for Can Tho City

Nguyen Thuy Linh, 2012. Developing a Framework for Enhancing Public Participation within Climate Change Adaptation - How to Integrate Community-Based Adaptation Approaches into Flood Risks Reduction in Da Nang City, Vietnam

Nguyen Ngoc Anh, 2012. Integration of Environmental Components and Urban Climate Management in Land Use Planning in Ho Chi Minh City

Master Thesis Land Use and Watermanagement

Bautze, Davis, 2013. Risk Characterization of Heavy Metal Soil Contamination by Waste Oil Disposal of Auto-mechanic Garages - Effects on Farmland, Crop Plants and Human Health in Buea, Cameroon

Bachelor Theses Umweltingenieurwesen (Environmental Engineering)

Dünnwald, Robert, 2014. Integration von Umweltbelangen bei der Entwicklung einer Nachnutzung des Flughafens Berlin-Tegel

Ludwig, Tanja, 2013. Anforderungen an eine Umweltberichterstattung im Rahmen von Öffentlichkeitsarbeit für die Stadt Mariupol

vom Schloß, Josephine, 2012. Grundzüge eines regenerativen Energiekonzepts für Kleinstädte am Beispiel von Kremmen

Master Thesis Kultur und Technik (Culture and Technic)

Olivio, Diana G., 2011. State of the Art of Policy Impact Assessment Research in Mexico. A Study about the Application of Impact Assessment (IA)

Bachelor Thesis Kultur und Technik (Culture and Technic)

Marquardt, Maria, 2010. Anthropogener Klimawandel und klimabedingte Migration - Eine Problembeschreibung am Beispiel von Tuvalu

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