Paul König

Academic Employee

Building 3A, Room 233
T +49 (0) 355 69 4524
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Office hours

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Tasks at the chair
  • Research Applications:
    • Responsible for the scientific research project application using EasyOnline
    • Organisation of scientific and industrial research networks during the application process, definition of work packages and interfaces for project processing, consortial milestone planning, SMART target definition and cost planning:
  1. Shop Inspection Data Processing (SPEAT)
  2. Flexible Wall Structures for Acoustic Liners (FLIER)
  3. Design, Management and System Testing of Highly Integrated Electro-Thermal Systems (ETHAN-BTU)
  4. Structural Lightweight Heat Exchangers for Hydrogen Applications (SULEWA)
  • Lecturing:
    • Teaching for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes: "Introduction of Engineering Design" (BA), "Methodical Engineering Design" (BA), "Powerplant Integration" (MA)
    • Independent development of the module "Technical Drawing and Design" (BA)
    • Supervision and leading of scientific theses (Bachelor's/Master's), working students and interns

Application of thermodynamic power synthesis in hybrid/battery-electric propulsion concepts for regional air traffic in order to model a holistic thermal management system. The Gasturb software is used for the power calculation and scaling of the gas turbine according to a concept of operation. The accompanying modeling of the electrical system and the subsystems (oil system, fuel system, secondary air system) takes place in the Matlab/Simulink environment.

Previous activities
  • Master's thesis: Design of Axial Blade Retention for Turbine Blades, Rolls-Royce Germany
    • Thermomechanical FEM calculation
    • Semi-automated geometry optimization and design
    • Estimation and evaluation of the blade restraint system with regard to future project applications
  • Bachelor thesis: Analysis of atmospheric flows in the stratosphere based on measurement data with the aim of identifying turbulence models for high altitudes, Technical University of Berlin
    • Measured data preparation and processing
    • Fourier transform and power spectrum analysis
  • Application of measuring systems for blade vibration measurement and blade tip gap measurements, Rolls-Royce Germany
  • Investigation of combined load and temperature calibration of strain gauges, Rolls-Royce Germany
  • Research Assistant at the Chair of Flight and Engine Design, Prof. Dr.-Ing. K: Höschler, Institute for Traffic Engineering, Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus
  • Master's degree in the field of aerospace engineering with a focus on thermal turbomachinery, Technical University of Berlin
  • Bachelor's degree in the field of transport with a focus on aerospace technology, Technical University of Berlin

Scientific publications can be viewed here