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In an effort to further expand its strategic focus of internationalisation, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is a member of various university alliances, operates projects to enhance the university's international profile and continually reworks its strategies for internationalisation.

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    Awards & Qualitätssiegel

    some Highlights

    • Award for university communication in 2011 „Die weltoffene Hochschule“; (2nd place, tied with TU9, no 1st place)
    • 2010-2014: Pilot university - internationalisation audit and re-audit (organised by the German Rectors‘ Conference)
    • 2011: BTU Cottbus is sharing the 2nd place with three other universities in the competition „Die internationale Dimension in der Lehre“ and is the best Technical University in Germany
    • 2012: BTU Cottbus is sharing the 2nd place with another universities in the competition „Strategies to Support the Study Success of Foreign students “ and is the best technical university in Germany
    • 2014: Award winner Go out! Competition
    • 2015: One of the ten universities selected in the national competion „Study & Work“
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