Internationalisation Strategy

In April 2013, after enhancing the image of international focus within the framework of  “Link zu einer externen Seite HRK-Audits Internationalisation of the University” and the “Link zu einer externen Seite Re-Audits”, the senate of the Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus adopted its Portables Dokumentenformat internationalisation strategy (in German only).

From now on the internationalisation strategies of the former BTU Cottbus and the former Lausitz University of Applied Sciences will be jointly managed. More information will be provided here as it becomes available. The International Office is available for consultation if you have questions about the strategy and its implementation.

In 2001, BTU brought to life an International Affairs Advisory Board, in order to further develop the internationalisation strategy. The board was assigned to advise the university administration on strategic issues. These include, among others:

  • The further development of the internationalisation strategy
  • Consultation regarding strategic international partnerships
  • Issues of the international profile in research and teaching

The strategy comprised the following six objectives:

  1. Strategic Partnerships
  2. Geographic Orientation
  3. To be an attractive place for international students and researchers through marketing, support and intercommunication
  4. Internationalisation of instruction and studies
  5. International research, especially promoting international talent
  6. International mobility of BTU-Members and relatives

The International Affairs Advisory Board comprises the following members:

  • Faculty I: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Vierhaus, Chair of Computer Engineering
  • Faculty II: Prof. Dr. Silke Weidner, Chair of City Management
  • Faculty III: Prof. Dr. Vesselin Michailov, Chair of Joining and Welding Technology
  • Faculty IV: Prof. Dr. Christoph Hinz
  • Faculty V: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Glück, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences
  • Faculty VI: Prof. Dr. Vladimir Mirsky, Specialised in Biotechnology
  • Faculty VII: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pätzold, Specialised in Social Work
  • Faculty VIII: Prof. Markus Otto, Specialised in Architecture
  • Scientific Director of the Office for International Studies: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wiegleb
  • Head of the Department for Teaching: Dr. Friederike Schulz
  • Head of Presentation Research: Ms. Katrin Noack
  • Head of Department for Presentation, Training and Quality: Ms. Michaela Wirsing
  • Head of the Central Language Unit, Central Campus: Mr. Andreas Neumann
  • Head of the International Relations Office: Ms. Mareike Kunze
  • Vice-Head of the International Relations Office: Mr. Michael Mannel

The board meets three times per year. The head of the International Relations Office is responsible for its management. Should you, as a member of the BTU, have suggestions or wishes for the board, please contact the head of the International Relations Office or the responsible board member from your faculty.