Looking for a traineeship position

When you are looking for a traineeship position in Europe you can ask the interns' office of your academia or you can also ask at the chairs in your field of studies. You can contact organisations like AIESEC or IASTE as well.

Special offers for Erasmus+ and LEONARDO traineeships you can also find at JOE, an online resource of the LEONARDO Network for Academic Mobility (LEO-NET). Beyond that the LEONARDO office Brandenburg compiled a list of various search engines specialised on traineeships which may help you on finding a suitable traineeship position (see further Downloads).

Should we be impressed by your application at the first stage of the selection process, we provide you a list of companies and organisations, where former interns were taken. You should of course also look for a traineeship position yourself. The LEONARDO office Brandenburg will then check whether the traineeship position and the company profile matches the Erasmus+ or LEONARDO criteria.