Contextualising Sars-CoV-2: Technology and Environment in Science, Engineering and Art

The conference takes place from 15.-16. June 2023 on the main campus of the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg. It is organised by Prof. Dr. Astrid Schwarz together with Prof. Dr. Fang, Zaiqing as well as Prof. Zang, Zhihui, both from the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

The 8th Sino-German conference in Cottbus follows, after almost three Covid years, the 7th conference in 2018 in Beijing, organised by Prof. Dr. Fang, Zaiqing.

The Sino-German research consortium is dedicated to cultivating the philosophy of science and technology in a comparative cultural perspective. This year’s conference seeks to further research and exchange on the evolving technoscientific lifeworld, on questions related to sustainable development, on pandemic socio-technical environments, and through transcultural studies on the increasing interweaving of the world’s major political economies.

The following issues are discussed in more detail: technological cultures and governance models; relational orders of ecotechnological assemblages; probing the concept of knowledge ecosystem; technology and environment in science and engineering; design thinking, socio-technical environments and AI (digital and analog); risk assessment, health and policy strategies. For further details, please visit our conference programme.

The evening lecture will be given by Martin Carrier, Professor of Philosophy (of Science) at Bielefeld University. The topic of his talk is „Creating a Knowledge Ecosystem in Scientific Policy Advice: the Case of Covid 19“.

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