The Electricity Grid must be completely reconstructed

In the pages before you have seen several new technologies, which will come in use and have to be integrated in the electric power system. The existing low, medium and high voltage grids were optimised in the past to interconnect the power stations and the electric load in a way to keep line losses as deep as possible from the economical point of view. Now a lot of renewable generation will be built up in areas with relatively low load. So the power grid has to be redesigned for these new needs. Also e-mobility and its high charging powers will lead to an extension of the low voltage grids in the cities.
In Germany a lot of concepts were made in which way the power grid has to be improved and how many new lines we need in which part of the grid. Also BTU made several of these studies for the Ministry of Economics and Energy of the federal state of Brandenburg, surrounding Berlin as the German capital.
May be not for the people and for the politician, but clear for the engineers is, that the transport of renewable active power is one side of the medal but also solutions have to be found for the necessary delivery of reactive power. Without this energy it will be not possible to run an electric power system, so solutions has to be investigated on how to realize this part, when the conventional power stations with its synchronous generators will be switched off.