The general structure of the PhD Programme in Power Engineering at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and the Postgraduate Programme in Electrical and Thermal Power Engineering at National Research University MPEI comprises a minimum of 38 ECTS for mandatory and elective modules or other programme achievements, a minimum of 200 ECTS for the written thesis work incl. final presentation and examination. There are 240 ECTS in total and an estimated duration of the Bilateral Postgraduate Programme of 8 semesters.
The curriculum consists of modules in block seminars, presentations, research papers, reports and transferrable skills courses - each module is graded. Therefore it is necessary that you are present in Cottbus at least during the lecture period (October-February and April-July) or Moscow during the lecture period (September-January, February-June).

The language of instruction, research and examinations is English.

BTU Graduate Research School (GRS) is offering additional workshops for all doctoral candidates at BTU on networking, subject-related qualification, scientific techniques and transferrable skills training. Here are the links to the current GRS qualification programme as well to the GRS newsletter.

The following modules are currently part of the PhD Programme

Please note that some modules may not be offered every semester. Most modules cannot be completed during one semester; however, completion within one year is recommended.

Modules may be completed either by individual exams for each tutorial or by a comprehensive module exam. In the latter case, the exam may be held in front of the PhD Committee or a designated group of 1-2 professors as discussion of a seminar.
Some modules are offered as block tutorials ½ day to two days each.

General Structure of the PhD Programme in Power Engineering
Content offered byNational Research University MPEIBTU Cottbus-SenftenbergECTS
Mandatory ModulesHistory and Philosophy of Science 4
 Foreign Language 5
 Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher Education 3
 Special Discipline (according to speciality) 7
Elective Modules 2 Modules*Minimum 11 ECTS
  PhD students has to offer exercises/seminars
for Master or Bachelor students with
2 teaching hours per week for 2 semsters in total
 Publications No ECTS
 Written Thesis Work, ist Presentation and Oral Examination in accordance with
the State Final Attestation at National Research University MPEI
Total 240
* If the thesis work is oriented into Electric Power Engineering, the respective modules in Electric Power Engineering cannot be chosen. Similarly, the modules in Thermal Power Engineering or Energie Economics are not selectable, if the thesis work is oriented into Thermal Power Engineering or Energy Economics.