Bridge to Studies - Full-academic-year Programme


What do former participants say about the Bridge to Studies preparatory year?

Sebastian Bensch, Olga Savrasova, Julia Sokolova und Piotr Bensch - Brücke zum Studium 2012/13

„The „Bridge to Studies“ programme was not only a great opportunity to improve our German language skills, but it was also an ideal preparation for our studies in Germany. A good start to our studies was made possible by the seminar “Academic Work” because in this course we learned and practiced things which were key to being successful in our future studies. Throughout the course and our field trips we had the opportunity to get to know each other well which made the atmosphere for learning in the classroom very positive and motivating. Our circle of friends is now like a small family!”

Slaven Čiča - Bridge to Studies 2012/13

„I had already completed a university degree in Serbia, nonetheless I learned many new things in the „Bridge to Studies“ programme, especially in the seminar “Academic Work”. The language course is very intensive, resulting in great strides being made in short periods of time. In this way, success is guaranteed! The professors and instructors are competent and always ready to lend helping hands. I feel prepared for my main studies and would readily recommend this preparatory year to other international students.”

Ben-Amar Diomande - Bridge to Studies 2012/13

„Hi! My name is Ben and I’m from the Ivory Coast. I came to Germany four months ago to start preparing for my studies. Now I live in Senftenberg where I am participating in the “Bridge to Studies” programme. At first I thought that it was going to be like a normal German language course with instructors, lots of homework and boring courses, etc. But I can truly say that I was surprised after my first class period. The instructor was very pleasant, the other participants were very friendly and the class period was anything but boring. Everyone can share personal experiences, present on one’s homeland, and learn a lot about German culture and habits. This all really helped me to not feel so foreign and also not feel so alone. I am sure that I will some day reminisce fondly on the many hours we spent laughing together.”

Sethna Anumakonda - Bridge to Studies 2012/13

„Hi, my name is Sethna and I come from India. Since my German language skills did not suffice for me to enrol in the master’s programme in information technology at the Lausitz University of Applied Science, I took part in the “Bridge to Studies” programme. The programme is unique and very dedicated to teaching participants the German language. The second semester of the preparatory programme is also quite special. During this time participants are not only intensively learning German, but they also learn about conducting academic work. My German skills were very limited before starting this programme. I was too shy to speak with German students. But within the past year, my communication skills as well as my written skills have greatly improved. Now I feel confident to begin my studies in Germany. The programme included cultural events and excursions which were starting points for me to interact more with German culture and people. The programme’s atmosphere and the close proximity of the student residence halls to the academic buildings are perfect for studying at the Lausitz University of Applied Sciences. I would highly recommend this programme to future students.”

Kostiantyn Gomeniuk - bridge to Studies 2012/13

„My biggest dream is to study in Germany, so I took part in the „Bridge to Studies“ programme. I never could have imagined that a language course could be so wonderful. There was everything one needs to prepare for academic studies. If you want to be well prepared for your studies, then the best choice you can make is to participate in the “Bridge to Studies” programme.”

Martin Smreček - Bridge to Studies 2012/13

Hi, my name is Martin Smreček and I am so happy to complete the “Bridge to Studies” preparatory year. I have made many new friends. Naturally, my German language skills have greatly improved. A very positive aspect of the programme is the opportunity to go on field trips within and beyond Germany. In this way I have learned a lot, especially about German culture.”