When does the one-semester BzS programme take place?
  • It only takes place in the winter semester.
From when to when is the application period for the one-semester BzS programme?
  • It runs from March 15th to July 15th of each year for the following winter semester.
How do I apply?
  • I create an account with Uni-Assist: https://www.uni-assist.de/.
  • I enter "bridge to study - 1 semester (B2 course)" in the search field.
  • I enter the requested information and complete my application.
Should I send an extra application for my future Degree course in addition to my application for the programme?
  • No. During my application for the programme, I am asked about my future major.
What requirements should I meet in order to be admitted to the one-semester BzS programme?
  • I am in possession of a B2 certificate recognized by the BTU.
  • I have a higher education entrance qualification for Germany.
  • My course at the BTU begins in the summer semester of the following year.
  • I pass the placement test at the beginning of the programme with level B2.
When does the placement test take place?
  • It will take place in early October 2024.
What does the placement test consist of?
  • It consists of a German test.
What happens if I don't reach the B2 level in the placement test?
  • I will be downgraded to the two-semester BzS programme and will therefore learn German for 2 semesters.
When does the course start and end in the one-semester BzS programme?
  • The course starts in October and ends in February.
How is the programme structured?

The programme consists of

1. an intensive German language course that ends with the DSH (20 course hours p.w.),

2. a course on grammatical German (2 course hours p.w.),

3. a practical language training course in German (2 course hours p.w.),

4. a German revision course (2 course hours p.w.),

5. a course Germany in Europe (2 course hours p.w.),

6. a course on the basics of study (2 course hours p.w.),

7. A course on scientific work at German universities (2 course hours p.w.)

8. and a multi-day study trip / excursion to start the program.

When does the DSH exam take place?
  • This usually takes place in February.
How much does participation in the one-semester BzS programme cost?
  • Participation in the one-semester BzS programme costs the registration and re-registration fee and the semester ticket. This semester fee applies from winter semester 2023/2024 and is subject to change for all subsequent semesters.