Plug and Play The T-cell is geared towards existing resources and can be used immediately with the existing infrastructure.

For the purpose of ecological and economic sustainability, the T-cell employs the existing gas network as a supply source and thus allows resource-oriented use that stabilises the network. By introducing it into the existing gas and electricity industry infrastructure, it can immediately by used comprehensively, without impairing existing systems.

The T-cell is helping to shape the switch to a green gas energy supply, as it can be powered by sustainably generated fuels that contain hydrogen. It is initially powered by the existing natural gas supply and will be converted to fully emission-free green gas operation in the future, with no further infrastructure measures.

With 540,000 km of natural gas pipelines, Germany has an extensive and elaborate energy infrastructure, which is able to bridge even prolonged phases of low energy supply, thanks to its buffer capacity, and which manages without expensive and controversial high-voltage cables. To make the energy revolution as ecologically and socially sustainable as possible, the T-cell uses the existing infrastructure. It facilitates seamless operation on the road to the future and is already in a position to fire the starting shot for the energy revolution, without creating redundancy.